Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catherine Keener and Gina Gershon's lovechild

When I first saw Dawn Denbo on "L Word", my first thoughts were "Damn, she looks a lot like Gina Gershon" and "Whoa, but she sounds like Catherine Keener... and sorta looks like her too". And ever since then, I've refered to her as Catherine Keener and Gina Gershon's lovechild. Of course, her name immediately proved a vital clue, so I realize that she, Elizabeth Keener, IS actually Catherine Keener's younger sister and there's no relation (that I know of) to Gina Gershon. But humor me and just look at these pictures below... Elizabeth does almost look more like Gina than she does her sister. ;o)

Well, they could definitely all play sisters. Hmm, that could be a cool movie. They're certainly all amazing women. ;o)

- GG

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Anonymous said...

I remember someone mistaking Elizabeth for Gina when they saw her at a movie with her then-girlfriend, Jackie Warner.

I love all three of them and I agree, someone needs to get them all in a movie together.