Thursday, June 25, 2009

New tattoo?

No, this isn't about Nikki Reed or Kristen Stewart or any other famous person... It's just lil' ol' me. ;o)

You see, one of my treats for when I have my body is to get a tattoo. Well, one more, actually. I got my first tattoo ten years ago this summer, so I think it's high time for another. I have more than one planned too, but just one at a time. Oh, and they're all hidden so far, and I plan on keeping it that way. If anything, I'd go for the wrist, foot or inside of my lower arm near my elbow, but for the current and next one, you need to catch me in a bikini to see it.

The first is on my lower stomach and I got it when I was about umm maybe 20-25 pounds lighter. I was a bit on the heavy side, but being a vegetarian for 18 months and coming to terms (happily, I might add) with being gay really helped me shed the weight. Unfortunately, being happy and comfortable, has meant the weight has crept on again during the years. I've already lost a good 10 pounds now, so I need about 10 more for starters. I became too thin back in my veggie days, but this was after the tattoo. I'd really like to go vegetarian again - it's easier to control my food intake and morally I'd feel a lot better, but it just seems to scare people a bit (especially my mom is scared I'll get too thin again) and also, it's a bit of an inconvinience. Not to me, mind you, but everyone else perceives it that way. Just one of my little battles, I suppose.

ANYWAY, back on track: Tattoo! Hmm, I suppose my old tattoo could be described as being close to the hip bone, but it's not quite as low as I would've liked. LOL, or maybe it's just my gaining and losing weight that has me confused about where it was versus where it is now. In any case, I still love it, and have no regrets about getting it - though it does need a touch-up and maybe I'll add something to it.
But my next tattoo - which is what this post was initially supposed to be about, before I got a rambling attack - is going to be a quote from Braveheart. I've been struggling with what I wanted, but I was pretty sure I wanted a quote, and suddenly I stumbled across an old e-mail I sent myself with quotes for future tattoos and it all came back to me. I've ALWAYS wanted this, and somehow I'd forgotten.

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.

Wifey actually made a sketch for me with this quote in latin and some artwork around it about 6 years ago. Back then I wanted it placed on my lower back, but I was never quite pleased - or at ease - with the idea and look of it. But now I know what I want: Just the quote in a cool font and on the left side of my torso (near my heart). Like this one, but still different:

I don't have the sketch ready yet, but I will soon and we're booking an appointment with a tattoo place soon, so I'll have that as an incentive to get totally toned by then. October is the plan, and it'll be Wifey and my birthday present to one another. Oh yeah, she's getting one too. Her first one. Nothing like mine and in a different spot... it'll be an amazing experience.

Anyone has any experience with getting tattooed in that area of your body?

- Gaygirl

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juno said...

god, i heart miss Fox. U should write about her 2 lol
ok, that was out of context...

i love ur idea of tat, btw!

im sorry but that pic gets me every time :P