Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is Nikki ready to propose? ;o)

Eventhough I am a selfconfessed Rambling Queen, I'll let this one play out on its own - just pay extra close attention at around 2 min 15 sec.

The interview is dated at April 15th according to the source

So... What do you think?

- GG


Anonymous said...

Girl, this interview is old :) and Nikki was clearly joking. So, I'm sorry, but you really can't count as a proposal.

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

Just for the record, I think she's joking too. ;o) I'm just wondering what truth there may be to the joke?
I mean, it would be an obvious joke to make, if they'd been discussing the "lesbian rumours" during the interview, but they didn't. In fact, all they talked about was that there's no feud or animosity towards each other, though people like to think there is. And to go from "No, we don't hate each other" type statements to "Buy my girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, a ring", just wasn't provoked in any way. If she was joking, she should've said "Give my enemy, Kristen Stewart, a one-way ticket to the North Pole".

- GG