Sunday, June 27, 2010

Image of Sunday

I had already decided on this image last week, but then I started doubting as I was seeing pictures from the various Pride Parades in countries around the world. However, I quickly realized that my choice is VERY gay and even has a clear rainbow theme, so I stuck with it.

My Image of Sunday and wallpaper for the week. GLEE:
However, I also have a bonus,which is actually much more important to me than the image this week. When I saw this video yesterday from the Mexico City Pride Parade, it was immediately clear that nothing else would do.

But first, the story behind it. You see, I am CRAZY about the new mexican soap "Las Aparicio", which has the best gay couple on TV right now. However, I can't see it, so I found it a few weeks ago, when I stumbled across a clip on YouTube and so I have been catching up by watching all the scenes while reading recaps. I highly recommed - and by "highly recommend" I mean you MUST do it - reading Ingrid Diaz' recaps, which are readily avaible at her website now, but she will also be doing recaps of the show for AfterEllen starting next week. This was announced this week in "Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever":

"Julia and Mariana finally did it on Las Aparicio (thanks for the tip, Betty!) The show's stars Erendira Ibarra (Mariana) and Liz Gallardo (Julia) will be at the Mexico City Pride Parade this Saturday. Check back next week for our recaps (starting with the first episode and running until we're current) by Ingrid Diaz."

So... of course, I now have to give you two bonus videos, since you also need a little teaser/taster of the show.

First the kiss at Mexico City Pride Parade - please note the "Legalize Gay" T-shirts (I REALLY need to get at least one of those)...:

And then of course, I should give you the scene, where they "finally did it"... but you need to get to that in your own time, and instead just start with the first kis between them (which is from the first episode, because YES, this show is just that awesome). Enjoy!

And like I said earlier, you really need to get on board for this show, so start reading those recaps and watching those videos. I promise you, it is well worth your time. ;o)

Also, I read this statement below very recently, and it is SO true after both "Chich Busca Chica", Pepa and Silvia (aka PepSi) of "Los Hombres de Paco" and now Julia and Mariana (aka Juliana) of "Las Aparicio" plus various other movies. (if you know who said this first, then please let me know and I will gladly spread that info as well)

SPANISH = the new language of lesbians!

Maybe that's why I am now kicking my quest for learning the language into high gear. I am listening to Spanish radio every day at work - plus I was already rooting for Spain as the winner of the soccer World Cup 2010, so I was on the right track. ;o)

Have a beautiful week,
- GayGirl

P.S. One more "Spanish is the new language of lesbians"-fact: Mexican soap actress Kenia Gazcón just came out of the closet this past week (hat tip @ AfterEllen via LesbiCanarias), and it would appear she's the first ever Mexican actress to publicly come out. Congratulations Kenia... and welcome! :o)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Image of Sunday

It's so strange how a person, who's basically crude and obnoxious can make you laugh so damn hard. I suppose it's because Sue Sylvester always just speaks her mind and holds nothing back, which is sort of charming in her own way... Also, we all know she has a heart of gold and wants to push people to succeed (and thus make her a success as well, of course). Her entire persona is like performance art based on the song "I am what I am".

Here's your Image of Sunday and my desktop wallpaper for the next week:

Somehow this woman calling me a loser just inpires me to do better... Maybe that's also how "Sue C's it"? ;o)

Besides, she's played by Jane Lynch. Enough said! The woman has made a career out of playing ballsy, intelligent [often gay] women with the best one-liners.

So of course, the bonus for this week, is this little video she made with Electric Spoofaloo:

Have a funfilled week,
- GG

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Remember when Kristen Stewart used to smile?

I do... it looked a little something like this:

Anyway, that was then and this is now, so let's continue the follow up, I started recently. It's high time, I know... work has been crazy lately.

But here goes, and let's take some more recent pictures this time around. First of all there's the MTV Movie Awards 2010, where it was all about Kristen and Rob - for example the kiss that wasn't reinacted like it's standard for the winners of the "Best Kiss" award to always do.

As Kristen said "... to be perfectly honest with you it takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to make us look good at kissing!" We believe you, Kristen. But the flirting with an unknown (publicist, friend, girlfriend, whatever) in a moment out of the spotlight seemed to come very easily to you:

Thanks for the heads up left in a comment by an anonymous. You ROCK! :)

Right now there's also a lot of promotion for the Twilight Eclipse movie, but Nikki Reed has stated that she doesn't know where she's going to do promotion, since she's basically just put on a plane and flown to various places around the world:

"I'll be going to the U.K. premiere, I'm definitely going to London and New York. And some other things! They are shipping me off to some cities...I'll know when I get on the plane."

Read more here - this particular tidbit might catch your eye:

"... we chatted with N.R. for a bit about which female Twi babes she's been hanging with over the hiatus.

Hint: Her initials are K.S.:

"It's not like we all separate," Miss Reed 'fessed, looking yummy in a black Marc Jacobs dress with her hair pulled back. "We still see each other all the time. Elizabeth [Reaser] is here. Love her, she's the best person ever. And I was moving recently and Kristen [Stewart] was awesome enough to come and lift wardrobe racks and boxes."

No pictures of course... but that would just get them in trouble anyway. Looking all butch moving stuff around. HA! I can just see it now... the U-Haul would basically have been one big rainbow in terms of lesbian symbols, and it would've been only too easy to conclude that they were moving in together. They would have to have her and Rob and Taylor have a threesome in public to spin that kind of picture into something completely innocent and heterosexual.

Anyway, back on track - though I guess I was still on some kind of track! As far as the promotion tour, it sounds kinda unfair, that she's not even informed, so I'll give her a heads up: Look at the PR work K-Stew has got lined up for her, and you know where you WON'T be going...

Finally, this is not a "real" picture, since it's had a brief encounter with Photoshop, but wouldn't it just make everything so much easier for Kristen Stewart?

Have a great one...
- GG

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Image of Sunday

Today should've been an easy choice, but I was conflicted; Should I go with Glee since they had their season ending just recently OR should I go with True Blood since season 3 premieres today?

The result either way would be campy and very VERY gay... so really, I couldn't lose. And I decided that since we'll get plenty of True Blood in the weeks to come, but no more Glee, we need to celebrate the beginning of a new season and then have an excuse to look at Glee wallpapers once or twice (at least) during the summer. ;o)

But still there was another choice to be made: The new promotional shot OR the lips and tongue which symbolizes the show. Yet again, I realize that I can't lose either way and, in any case, I don't have to choose.

So here comes both - I'm starting out with the first one as my wallpaper and then I might switch it up during the week. I'm just a rebel that way!

... and the bonus version:

Have a great week...
- GG

Monday, June 7, 2010

Image of SUNday

I realize it's not Sunday anymore and I do apologize... What can I say? The sun came out and so did the blender, and Sunday became SUN-day... and Frozen Margarita n' Daiquiri day. Yesterday's lunch literally consisted of margaritas, fresh strawberries and nachos. And then for dessert we had Strawberry daiquiris... and a nap in the sun. ;o)

All in all, a wonderful and beautiful day out in the sun - and I was tanning responsibly with ample amounts of high SPF and shade. Plus, being the doting wife, I made sure Wifey was always protected, so I lotioned her up... regularly. ;o) Oh, how I do love the sun, blue skies and drinks...

And in my drinks I only use the brands that support me, so I'm all about the Absolut... it's Absolutely fabulous - and gay! So this is my screensaver for the following week:

Bonus clip of the week is another very well-known brand talking to us:

Have a wonderful week,
- GG

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Tribute: The pretty boys...

I've always said that if I was a man, I'd still be gay... I just can't imagine not being gay. That's how gay I am, I guess! Also, I couldn't get Wifey if I were a man, so no point in being a straight man.

Anyway, that really wasn't my point. Wifey just IM'ed me a picture and asked if I could recognize the person, and at first I really couldn't. I'll spare you the guessing game and just tell you that it's Lance Bass.
And he is looking so damn pretty - which is a good thing in my book. What can I say, even as a gay girl I love my gay men!

But however pretty Lance looks in the above picture, he is only a shadow of the #1 Pretty Man in the world right now:
Yes, Adam Lambert! And he can be as gorgeous a woman...
... as he can be handsome man:

I can't help but think of the bumper sticker my mom bought the first time she went to San Francisco:
Take me down to Paradise City
Where the women are strong and the men are pretty

That pretty much sums up my idea of a perfect place! ;o)

- GG

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is Kristen Stewart gay? The follow-up (and one year anniversary post)

Well, a lot has happened since my original post about the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. A whole lot of nothing! If you’re to believe the unreal lack of pictures featuring them both… which of course, we know better than to do (you really need to click the image below for the details).

Sure, these two actresses are both part of the Twilight franchise, and to begin with they were the key elements of the promotion tour (along with Robert Pattinson and Tayor Lautner), but – as we all know by now – Nikki Reed disappeared after rumors and speculations regarding the nature of her relationship with Kristen Stewart became too intense. Rumors about Kristen and Rob or Kristen and Taylor however were fine and almost encouraged. The same goes for rumors about Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart having had a falling out – the version in which it was due to them both being crazy about Rob seemed to be pushed the most.

However, if you dig just a little bit, then you will find it. No, not the dirt. Simply the truth.
My original post was from June 2009, which officially makes this the one year anniversary of that particular post – and let me tell you, I still get thousands of hits every single month on this posts and the majority of my visitors find it via search engines. Which search gives the most hits, you ask? Why it’s the simple and pure “Kristen Stewart gay” search… Apparently Summit Entertainment has in no way managed to convince people that she’s a Team Edward and/or Team Jacob grrl.

Let’s get started with the update, shall we?

Exhibit A:
While not being seen at any public events and only very few unofficial outings of any kind, here we see the two supposed “enemies” out and about in Vancouver in early September 2009.

Exhibit B:
A tiny excerpt from a November 2009 interview with Spin Magazine.

Q: What’s the most prized T-shirt in your collection?
A: [Friend and New Moon star] Kristen [Stewart] and I share a lot of clothes, so I wear a lot of Joan Jett shirts.

Uh huh… let’s just let that one stand alone, shall we?

  Exhibit C:
While Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart were nowhere near each other at the big November 16th 2009 grand opening of “Twilight: New Moon” in Hollywood, they were both there, but you'll only find picture of them with other cast members:

And for good measure, here is the undeniable proof that they were both there; Please note the fact that their wearing the dresses from the above images and also, pay attention to the pink "Kristen is the shiznit!" t-shirt in the background:

However, three days later on November 19th at the New York premiere, Nikki and Kristen were seen in official pictures together for the first time in a very long time:

I’m sure someone got fired for letting that happen, but what can you do? Maybe Kristen weren’t supposed to arrive at the same time since she's wearing a long trench coat while Nikki is sporting a red carpet dress -seems a bit odd. Also, Kristen does have a very smug look about her - as if she just got away with something. And if the trench coat reasoning should be that it was her cold, then it got warmer later on, when the dress was in fact revealed later and looked like this:
No picture of them along side one another in their red carpet dresses though... of course not.

You GO, girls! I'll return shortly with yet another update - some more recent input as well.

- GG