Friday, October 22, 2010

Voice of Alice in Paranormal Activity 2?

OH.MY.GOD. I just went to see "Paranormal Activity 2" and for the longest time, I could swear Leisha Hailey (Alice on The L Word, for those who think the name sound familiar, but can't quite place it, LOL) was in the movie. Only her voice though!

Leisha Hailey

I am telling you, the teenage girl in this movie sounded SO much like Leisha that it was freaking me out. Leisha Hailey has a pretty distinct voice, but this girl's voice was a deadringer. She did a good job and looks nothing like Leisha Hailey, but you don't see her at first. Anyway, if you've seen this movie or you do go see it, then please leave a comment here and let me know if I'm the only one hearing Leisha Hailey/Alice Pieszecki's voice.

Girl with Leisha Hailey's voice

And if you remotely liked the first "Paranormal Activity" you really need to watch the sequel - which is actually a prequel, and I recommend watching the first one (again) before going to see this movie. It was pretty damn awesome!

Fun gay fact: as soon as the movie ended, I did a Google search for "Paranormal Activity 2 + Leisha Hailey" and while nothing came up about her being in this movie, she DOES have a horror movie coming out. She plays straight, but is the wife of a true gay guy icon: Gale Harold! As in Brian Kinney from Queer As Folk. The movie is called "Fertile Ground". See, sometimes two gay icons CAN make a straight couple good. Even when one of the actors are gay IRL - you hear that, Newsweek? I don't think Gale Harold is gay, though I would love to have him on our team. And he's great as a straight ally, in any case. And brilliant at acting gay. ;o)

Have a GREAT Friday... and go listen to/for Leisha Hailey's voice, would you? ;o)

- GayGirl

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Okay, so I finally found the FULL scene with Kristen and Dakota from "The Runaways". The much hyped kiss is actually only the beginning and not only is there an additional kiss, there is also a lot that goes on just outside the frame... which means you get to use your imagination. Always a dangerous thing. Oh yeah, I like it!

You're welcome! :o)
- GG

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can you see a (gay) patern?

Here is the all time Top 20 "search keywords" that have lead people to my blog. Can you spot the "hidden" patern?

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And then something happens... a new couple of "maybe-gay, definitely close" girls enter into the mix. A little bit, anyway, LOL

dianna agron gay
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But still, good ol' Kstew is the star here. Also, I just saw 'The Runaways' the other day - I highly recommend it, by the way, just because it's brilliant - and I was intrigued by the fact that the PR machine hyped "the kiss" (even though it's more than one) with Dakota Fanning, when Miss Stewart actually kisses quite a few ladies in this movie.

Then again, maybe their obvious flirtatous manor during interviews just made it all the more interesting - case in point in this video:

And while this bit could be used for publicity, there was no point in telling anyone about the other girl-on-girl action Kristen Stewart engaged in. And for the record, both Kristen and Dakota are truly great in this movie. So very natural... in every way. ;o)

I love rock n' roll,
- GG

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let your fingers do the talking...

Yeah, I'll admit it: That title was a total tease... but this game is pretty fun and addictive. Try it out and write your score in a comment. :o)

Happy hands,
- GG

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Letter from a teen to her parents

Dear Mom and Dad!

It is with great regret and sorrow that I must write to you. I had to run away with my new lover because I wanted to avoid a scene with you. I know that you still consider me a child, but I'm 17 years old and I know how to take care of myself.

I have found true love with Larry and he's just so sweet. But I am aware that you would never approve of him because of his piercings, tattoos and leather clothes, and because he is so much older than me. In addition, he has five children, his youngest is my age. And it's not just infatuation. I'm pregnant with twins and Larry says we will be very happy together. He lives in a trailer out in the forest, and he has plenty of firewood to last the winter.

We share so many dreams for the future. He says he'll buy a lot of clothes and shoes for me. And Larry loves children. All his children have different mothers, but he says that with me it's different. Mom and Dad, I know we will be together forever. Larry says that I'm more woman than the older women, he's been with. How cool is that?

Larry has also opened my eyes to marijuana and how it's not actually harmful. He's a businessman and grows his own hemp and sells it to support his family. And Larry is clever with money! Also, he swaps some of the hemp with the neighbors for cocaine and ecstasy. The other occupants of the forest are also businessmen.

In the meantime we will pray that science will find a cure for AIDS, so Larry can get better. But you don't have to worry about me, Mom and Dad, I am very happy! Someday I am sure we will come and visit you so that you can see your grandchildren and my stepchildren.

With love,
Your daughter Emily

P. S. Mom and Dad, none of the above is true. I'm at the movies with JJ and Naomi. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than finding out your daughter is gay. Which I am and it’s not a phase!

Hugs and kisses - call me when it's safe for me to come home and you're ready to talk about it.


I never had to write a letter like this, but I figure it would've been a somewhat different approach to it. Just might work. Anyway, now I got to write the letter anyway and share it with you all.
The names are all fictional - and the keen reader probably noticed the little tribute to Skins and Naomily, LOL. ;o)

Have a gay day!
- GayGirl