Thursday, June 11, 2009

My mommy's gay?

No, not really, but this is what I thought Pink was saying in her "Stupid Girl" video, when I first saw it.

There's this little intermission part, where she's in the bathroom of some club, and she says (I thought) "My mommy's gay!" as she stuck something down her throat to make herself vomit into the sink.

Obviously, this didn't make ANY sense to me. Some people would probably want to vomit at the idea that their mother was gay, but I just can't see that being Pink's reaction... So I googled it! And of course she's saying something entirely different, that actually does make sense - both in relation to the song and the action itself: "I will be skinny!"

Now, HOW I could ever get "My mommy's gay" from "I will be skinny", I still don't know... except sometimes you just hear "gay" everywhere when you're just like SO gay (which I totally am, LOL), but I can still make myself 'hear' both versions, when I see the video, and usually that's not the case, when I discover the actual/correct words to something.

Hmm, go figure... and my point? There is none. But I WILL be skinny (or just fit like my alter ego in the previous post), and I AM gay... But my mother isn't. ;o)

Peace out from the Rambling Queen,
- GG

P.S. The picture in this post has nothing to do with the "Stupid Girl" video. She just looks great here. ;o)

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Anonymous said...

LOL...i do that all the time when listening to music...fill in what i think i'm hearing until i see the words then it's "ohhh, ok!!" too funny!