Saturday, January 31, 2009

Words of Ellen (aka Wisdom)

Yes, the Ellen has always been a source for some brilliant quotes and words to live by. Oh, and just so there's no doubt as to who I mean, she is now "the Ellen" - the uninitiated can turn to previous posts if they're unsure about which Ellen this is. ;o)

You see, the thing is, the very busy and stressful previous three months have resulted in my memory being quite bad. And this is VERY unlike me. That's why I need to get myself some Ginkgo Biloba, and THIS is where the Ellen comes in (no, I did not forget my point of this post or the headline).

Anyway, where was I... Oh yeah, so the movie was... no wait, that's not it... See, that's why I need to get the drug of nature and HERE it comes:

"My memory is just getting worse. People tell to me to take Ginkgo Biloba, but if you can remember to take Ginkgo Biloba every day, then you don’t need it"
- the Ellen

And these are the words of wisdom that I plan to live by. Now, if I could just start by remembering to buy some ginkgo biloba, then I'll be good to go.

- GayGirl

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There's no excuse...

... then again, I have been BEYOND busy. I mean, to the point where my body started reacting (or rather acting up) with a rash. Oh no, I am not at all complaining, since I did choose all that I do. I'm simply stating that I've had my plate full. ;o)

For the past 3-4 months I've worked two fulltime jobs (to be executed during the hours of one fulltime job, mind you), a final exam which consisted of a 75 page report followed by an exam that I got through last week. Oh and this was all around Christmas and just managing every day life on top of that. But again, I chose it all and knew it would only be this crazy for a while. In a month's time I'll truly be back to a "normal" workload. Hmm, though of course I do have some projects going on as well.

In any case, the good news is that one of these "projects" is this blog, which means I AM BACK! :o) Super busy times are over, and yesterday I actually sat down a read a chapter in the book that I started during my summer vacation. It was almost a surreal experience to just relax and read. You really do enjoy things a lot more once you've been without them for a while.

TTFN... I will surely be back soon. :o)

- GayGirl