Saturday, June 19, 2010

Remember when Kristen Stewart used to smile?

I do... it looked a little something like this:

Anyway, that was then and this is now, so let's continue the follow up, I started recently. It's high time, I know... work has been crazy lately.

But here goes, and let's take some more recent pictures this time around. First of all there's the MTV Movie Awards 2010, where it was all about Kristen and Rob - for example the kiss that wasn't reinacted like it's standard for the winners of the "Best Kiss" award to always do.

As Kristen said "... to be perfectly honest with you it takes a lot of smoke and mirrors to make us look good at kissing!" We believe you, Kristen. But the flirting with an unknown (publicist, friend, girlfriend, whatever) in a moment out of the spotlight seemed to come very easily to you:

Thanks for the heads up left in a comment by an anonymous. You ROCK! :)

Right now there's also a lot of promotion for the Twilight Eclipse movie, but Nikki Reed has stated that she doesn't know where she's going to do promotion, since she's basically just put on a plane and flown to various places around the world:

"I'll be going to the U.K. premiere, I'm definitely going to London and New York. And some other things! They are shipping me off to some cities...I'll know when I get on the plane."

Read more here - this particular tidbit might catch your eye:

"... we chatted with N.R. for a bit about which female Twi babes she's been hanging with over the hiatus.

Hint: Her initials are K.S.:

"It's not like we all separate," Miss Reed 'fessed, looking yummy in a black Marc Jacobs dress with her hair pulled back. "We still see each other all the time. Elizabeth [Reaser] is here. Love her, she's the best person ever. And I was moving recently and Kristen [Stewart] was awesome enough to come and lift wardrobe racks and boxes."

No pictures of course... but that would just get them in trouble anyway. Looking all butch moving stuff around. HA! I can just see it now... the U-Haul would basically have been one big rainbow in terms of lesbian symbols, and it would've been only too easy to conclude that they were moving in together. They would have to have her and Rob and Taylor have a threesome in public to spin that kind of picture into something completely innocent and heterosexual.

Anyway, back on track - though I guess I was still on some kind of track! As far as the promotion tour, it sounds kinda unfair, that she's not even informed, so I'll give her a heads up: Look at the PR work K-Stew has got lined up for her, and you know where you WON'T be going...

Finally, this is not a "real" picture, since it's had a brief encounter with Photoshop, but wouldn't it just make everything so much easier for Kristen Stewart?

Have a great one...
- GG


Anonymous said...

who was the blond girl??? :O

i'm sure that kristen DOES have one of those I♥girls tee, but if she doesn't she should :D


Anonymous said...

I Think that the blond its dakotta! i love your blog, here in brazil we need more blogs like yours

lu said...

naa, its not dakota... dakota has longer hair and its more pale that that girl...
mmm who is that mysterious girl??!?!

criss said...

have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the links i left for you.

the woman in the pictures with Kristen is her publicist, Ruth. according to Kristen fans,Ruth and Kristen have worked together for many years and that's why they are so "comfortable" with each other. ok, fine, but then i would like them to explain this comment Kristen makes...

Anonymous said...

Nikki from The L world? Wow, think I know where this 'll go.. I am a lesbian from Brasil too.