Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trailer: "Kyss Mig"... I cannot wait!

I just stumbled across this trailer on YouTube (again, YouTube bumming really does bring so much good even if it's insanely time consuming).

It's a Swedish movie, which will open this summer (at least in Sweden according to the trailer), and it looks pretty mainstream. One of the major supporting actresses from the Stieg Larsson "Millenium"-trilogy movies also have a supporting - and seemingly AWESOME - role in this movie.

FYI: Fun little tidbit. The title is listed as "Kiss Myg", which is an error made by one person and repeated all over the glorious Internet.
The title is actually "Kyss Mig" which translates to "Kiss Me" whereas the word "myg" litterally means "mosquito" in Swedish. Yeah, I understand Swedish and speak a bit as well. I'm Scandinavian and most of us can understand all Scandinavian languages. Pretty cool and quite handy actually. :o)

Anyway, you MUST watch this trailer - it looks sort of like a new spin on the "Imagine You & Me" storyline, which means I can't help but love it:

Oh, and Robyn's song "With Every Heartbeat" is used in the trailer. One of my all time favorite songs (saw Robyn in concert this past winter, and she is simply amazing).

*UPDATE* The international title for the movie is "With Every Heartbeat", which makes the Robyn song a perfect match. Just as it was the case with another lesbian themed Swedish movie hit and Robyn-made theme song: "Show Me Love".

Hmm, think I might just have to visit Sweden for a day or two this summer - sometime after July 29th. Oh yes, I am so hooked. ;o)

Hope you enjoy!
- GG