Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jillian Michaels homophobic? I'd say so!

I spy with my queer eye... Someone not appreciating us. And I don't like it!

I love it when celebrities show the LGBT community some love and appreciation. Fortunately, most celebrities have realized that this doesn't make them gay by association - though it does often make us wish they were. It's all flattery in its purest form really. And they seem to understand this, so it's a win-win situation.

The problem I have with a lot of bi or gay (male or female) celebrities is when they seem to steer away from the LGBT press and even just commenting on relevant issues and campaigns in relation to the LGBT community. I mean, when asked point blank, you should be able to say something intelligent - or just voice your opinion, however intelligent it may (or may not) be.

Someone like Ellen DeGeneres - whom I ADORE - still hasn't done an interview of any kind with, though they have tried to encourage this many times (they've written about this in a very positive way a few times). But she certainly doesn't hold back or refuse to comment, when asked about LGBT issues. She has done a lot of good, and she's not the type of celebrity I'm talking about here.

Total power couple. Just by existing and being out and proud, they do more than any campaign could aspire to!

But lately, someone who has publicly stated that she is open to relationships with both men and women - though certainly not to a LGBT media, what an awful thought - pretty much just dissed at a TV convention: Jillian Michaels. She's someone I've personally thought pretty highly of for a long time - and endorsed through buying what she's selling. Literally. But this time, I think her homophobic actions (that's right, I said it) have gone too far.

Let's set the scene, shall we? This is what she said to Ladies Home Journal in January 2010:

“Let’s just say I believe in healthy love,” Michaels tells writer Judith Newman. “If I fall in love with a woman, that’s awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that’s awesome. As long as you fall in love … It’s like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!”

So, why is it she had this reaction, when AfterEllen wanted to interview her at a public press event in August 2011:

"I introduced myself, as I usually do, as being from Jillian put her hand up and said "Oh no, sorry" and turned to her publicist, pulling her away and adding, "I don't need that." Dissed! She doesn't need press about her sportswear line?" (read more over at AfterEllen)

WTF? Here's this person, on a show (several shows actually) helping people make the most of their lives by getting their act together and getting healthy. Often this involves dealing with their emotional problems, which is something I can relate very easily to in regards to being gay and having weight issues. Practice what you preach, would ya? What kind of role model are you for the young gay teens? You can't deny the big problems this group is facing. I mean, pretty much everyone who's anyone - and has a heart - has done something for the "It gets better"-project, but here this woman is, saying "I don't need that".

What exactly is it she doesn't need? Our money, the publicity we garner for her or just her overall career?!

I mean, just about everyone else AfterEllen approaches, as part of the press at various events, are more than happy to give interviews and just bask in our love and adoration for them. And why wouldn't they. We - the LGBT people, and lesbians in particular - are among THE most loyal fan base you could possibly wish for. Once you're "in" with us, you need to REALLY fuck up royally before we give up on you. And even then, we're a pretty forgiving bunch. I mean, just check out the AfterEllen and AfterElton hot 100 lists, and it's clear that we hang on to our favorites. Even after their shows (or even careers) have ended!

But what has irked me about Jillian Michaels for a while is the fact that she has absolutely NO problem talking about past boyfriends - here's an example from a radio show, accompanied by a few pictures

I had a boyfriend once too, and look at me now: Gay as a rainbow!

Anyway, this clearly tells me that she's fine about sharing private things. As long as these things portray a person who isn't gay. And puh-lease, I have never encountered a more gay-acting person. Usually, you're talking about gay people acting straight, but in this case, we have someone, who has said she is bi, but refuses to talk about anything but her straight action, while being butch to the core.

Maybe they share the same publicist?

Oh, and for the record, I don't blame Kristen in ANY way, for not talking about her sexuality. Either way. Let me be clear on this: I have previously talked about Stewart’s publicists and production companies fighting like HELL to make her look straight. She herself has been pretty much quiet on it, and though I believe visibility is important, I certainly prefer this method as opposed to Jillian Michaels' tricks.

Jillian Michaels at an HRC event - I haven't given up on her yet. Not completely!

I'm fine with people trying not to be political. I don't quite understand it, but if you're not a fighter by nature, then so be it. I wouldn't exactly say that Jillian Michaels isn't a fighter though, so...

Anyway, I found this quote the other day and must admit, I think it fits perfectly:

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." - Andre Gide

Gaying it forward, one post at a time! ;o)
- GG

P.S. has touched on the subject of The Biggest Losers' trainers’ sexuality before, since it seems they're actively trying to keep them in the closet - click here for the article - but still, you make your own choices and face the impact of them. Good and bad.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trailer: "Kyss Mig"... I cannot wait!

I just stumbled across this trailer on YouTube (again, YouTube bumming really does bring so much good even if it's insanely time consuming).

It's a Swedish movie, which will open this summer (at least in Sweden according to the trailer), and it looks pretty mainstream. One of the major supporting actresses from the Stieg Larsson "Millenium"-trilogy movies also have a supporting - and seemingly AWESOME - role in this movie.

FYI: Fun little tidbit. The title is listed as "Kiss Myg", which is an error made by one person and repeated all over the glorious Internet.
The title is actually "Kyss Mig" which translates to "Kiss Me" whereas the word "myg" litterally means "mosquito" in Swedish. Yeah, I understand Swedish and speak a bit as well. I'm Scandinavian and most of us can understand all Scandinavian languages. Pretty cool and quite handy actually. :o)

Anyway, you MUST watch this trailer - it looks sort of like a new spin on the "Imagine You & Me" storyline, which means I can't help but love it:

Oh, and Robyn's song "With Every Heartbeat" is used in the trailer. One of my all time favorite songs (saw Robyn in concert this past winter, and she is simply amazing).

*UPDATE* The international title for the movie is "With Every Heartbeat", which makes the Robyn song a perfect match. Just as it was the case with another lesbian themed Swedish movie hit and Robyn-made theme song: "Show Me Love".

Hmm, think I might just have to visit Sweden for a day or two this summer - sometime after July 29th. Oh yes, I am so hooked. ;o)

Hope you enjoy!
- GG

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome to the family

I've always thought she is all kinds of brilliant (and I love her tattoos), and even if I'll never really understand her relationship with Marilyn Manson (though I have nothing against him and find his androgyny fascinating), I can certainly admire the fact that he has been dating some very strong and wonderful women. However, I am also happy she has moved on - it didn't seem like the best match for her, since she is too big a personality to be reduced to "Marilyn Manson's girlfriend", which often happens because - of the two - he would always be the most extreme and different.

In any case... my point is this: I don't know that she was ever really "in", but now she is definitely "out", and even though it surprises only a few (I actually thought it was common knowledge and that she had spoken of this before), it's still great when someone officially and without a hint of drama comes out, so I'd still want to take this opportunity to officially welcome Evan Rachel Wood to the LGBT family.

We're very happy to have you!

- Gaygirl

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick and dirty review: ELENA UNDONE

I'd heard A LOT about this movie before it even hit the festival circuit. This was, of course, due to the much hyped "longest kiss in the history of cinema", which was used for publicity and quite a good PR job, really. However, when I saw part of this much hyped kiss on YouTube... well, I felt... not all that much!

For me, it rarely works to just have women jump on each other and start kissing. I mean, I don't exactly mind - I am, after all, only human AND gay. And for the purpose of an intense short film (or even a music video), it can work just fine to see an intense kiss very quickly, but personally, I need to experience the love and the passion evolve, before I witness the result of this.

And all the little things leading up to this are just as great: the brushing of hands, by accident, the longing gazes that can't be broken. You know, all that sappy romantic and passionate stuff. I suppose the two keywords here are: Love and passion! It makes it a thousand times more intense, and is the reason why Naomily was such a success - and why it is so insanely missed by me and many, MANY others - and the same goes for "Loving Annabelle" and "Imagine Me & You". I love them both and the latter is one of my absolute favorite movies!

But, as per usual, I'm getting off track. Because my point is that while the initial clip from the kissing scene didn't do much for me, then the trailer started pulling at the heart (and passion) strings, so I decided that I needed to watch this movie sooner rather than later - or actually, Wifey helped make this decision, since we both got the warm and fuzzy "I NEED MORE!" feeling from watching the trailer:

So we ordered the movie on good ol' fashioned DVD, and received it a few days later. We watched it that very same night, and... WOW! While the first clip of the kiss was "meh", and the trailer was "Oooh", then the movie was simply WOW.

The full story of the movie finally delivered all the missing pieces, and you get that evolution of the relationship, which means the looong kiss is suddenly working wonders and makes perfect sense. You understand that they don't want to stop. You recognize that feeling of not wanting to stop. In part, perhaps, it's the fear that if you stop for even a second, maybe reason will take over and it will end completely.

No matter what you think you know about this movie, you should... no, you NEED to do yourself the favor of watching this movie.

- GG

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's okay if you're not gay

Yes, I am finally back. I've had so very many things to say, but not enough time to share those things - at least not as in depth as I'd like to. And I'm really not good at doing things half-assed.
Anyway, here I am, still gay (but of course) and that's okay. But it's also okay if you're NOT gay. See, I've been accused of thinking everybody's gay. You've probably been met with the line "Oh, you people..." because really, it not about YOU, and you might as well realize that at any given time, the things you say and do, reflect on all gay people. Anyway, the line is "Oh, you people think everyone is gay!" And if you haven't heard it yet, then just wait for it. It will happen. A couple of years ago, this is definitely the words you would've heard, if you'd dare imply that Portia de Rossi was gay - and we all know how Mrs. DeGeneres identifies now, don't we?! Yes, I am feeling smug about that one. Very!

But really, I don't think everyone is gay. Not at all. However, I would like to shoot this back "Oh, you straight people, think no one is gay!" And this is something that has bothered me for a while and now I have a very current example where this is extremely evident: Pretty Little Liars!

Oh, I LOVE the show... Really, I'm addicted to it! Just like millions of other people. And like the rest of "my people", I love seeing a gay character, Emily Fields (the girl resting on the red velvet chaise with the most seductive smile in the picture below, played by the gorgeous Shay Mitchell), completely out and proud and so very sure of who she is.

This is amazing and a very new thing in television. Particularly in teen shows. And where the girl is drop dead gorgeous. I mean, not a single episode has gone by - since she came out and said she was gay - where she hasn't said this out loud again and/or kissed a girl. There is no doubt that this girl is gay, because she has no doubt that she's gay. And I love it!

But if you look at the comments regarding who Emily should be with - i.e. when the producers ask this question in the official Facebook group and give the choices Paige or Maya - then the name "Toby" continues to come up. Umm, hallo, she's GAY! And yes, we, the gay people, want Spencer to find a nice girl as well, and we joke (and hope and dream) about this, but we don't seriously think or believe this is an actual option. People DO however seem to think Toby (a guy) is a possible love interest for Emily (a gay girl). Why is that? To quote a recent episode of US Skins "What don't you get about being a lesbian?" You would think that even if the words aren't sinking in, then the actions should. And there's been quite a bit of action - enjoy:

Even the producers know people still think of Emily as an "open sexuality" girl, so they include Toby as an option when asking who the viewers want to see Emily with. This irked me at first, but then I realized they just want to know how many are hanging on to this idea of Toby and Emily. And I understand, respect and accept that. Hell, I want to know the answer to that one as well.

 My point - and once again, I do have one - is simply this: Why is it that being gay is all too often perceived as a temporary feeling, a fleeting emotion or "a phase"? But being straight, on the other hand, is considered the constant. The sexuality that we are all born with and so this is the starting point and therefor also the place you return to when you're done experimenting. People can marry a person of the same-sex and still, you hear their sexuality questioned. Fine, being with someone of the same sex might not make the person gay, but it certainly DOES mean they're not straight. A person married to someone of the opposite sex however, is always perceived as being straight. But really, they might as well be bisexual, if we go by the standard applied to same-sex couples.

If you're of the belief that we all have a fluid sexuality and are essentially bisexual at birth and have this as the origin, then that's fine by me. I can certainly accept this notion though I have found my place in the spectrum and know that I have "floated" to the gay end of the sexuality pool. And look, right next to me is Emily Fields... kissing a girl and saying "I'm gay". And that makes me proud!

Also, the vast majority of people taking ABCfamily's poll on Emily's love interest is agreeing with me. And that just thrills me to pieces:

Have a great weekend! :o)
- GG