Monday, June 22, 2009

Sex on Fire

Okay, so my latest obsession is the song "Sex on fire" by Kings of Leon. Hardly a new song, but I found this playlist on YouTube that has like 30-something different videos for the song, and obviously, I just say "play all" and go about my online fun and/or work on my computer.

I love how YouTube playlists have proven to me that I am no freak. Just because I can listen to the same song like a freakin' billion times, I am not alone with my addiction. I mean, even I think that sounds pretty sick. But if I switch to another song, then I know I'll start getting cravings for my current "drug of choice" again, and so... I return. Also, it has become my running and umm fantasy song (?), I suppose. To me, it just SCREAMS 'put me on and have passionate sex'. LOL, to some people that effect comes from clothes og a scent, but for me it's music - though the other stuff works too. ;o)

Oh, and I've discovered a great new thing; Certain songs is my new comfort food. I mean, instead of eating something, I can actually just play a song (right now it's this one) and get the same need fullfilment. It's GREAT to help me get to my body.

Anyway, I was thinking that the song would be great for one of those amazing compilation videos on YouTube (my other guilty YouTube pleasure). You know, the one called "best kisses" or just "favorite scenes" and of course the operative words in connection to this is gay/lesbian. ;o) And what do you know, I stumbled across one... Not even looking for it really. Anyway, whether you like the compilations or the song, here you go (embedding was disabled, so I have to direct you to it)

Maybe afterwards you'll like both? :oP

Feelin' groovy,
- GG

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