Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I LOVE Chevy's!

The fresh, delicious Mexican food that I simply cannot get enough of - their Sizzling Fajitas are especially good at getting my juices flowing. If I could only go to one restaurant for the rest of my life, Chevy's would definitely be in my top five. Why not number one, you say?! Well, my conscience comes into play here, and in order to give myself even more delicious and healthy options (if we're talking one restaurant for the rest of my life), I'd have to go with Fresh Choice, which is one of my all time top favorites too.

But still... Chevy's is and always will be the place I HAVE to go to, if I was travelling to a city, where they have a franchise. Oh, and for the record, they DON'T have one where we live - both my Wifey and I adore Chevy's and actually, she's the one who introduced me to it (Thanks Hon!). The truth is, when we plan our vacations and decide on i.e. a road trip, then we'll actually plan our route based on where we can drop by a Chevy's.

I think we've gone to about 4 or 5 different Chevy's so far, and my favorite is probably the one in New York (right by Times Square and next to two movie theaters) and not only because the food has been perfect and the staff absolutely wonderful (and often gay, LOL), but also because when we're in New York, neither of us will have to drive home, cause we'll just walk home.
And you know what that means:

GayGirl & Wifey: "We'll both have a Margarita"
Cute waiter: "You want the regular or large one?"
GayGirl & Wifey (quick look at each other and then the waiter gets our answer in unision): "LARGE, please!"

And of course, we also have the Chevy's Cookbook, so now we go a little crazy sometimes and cook up all the delicious dishes (along with Margaritas, of course)... Still, there is nothing like the real deal.

Oh Chevy's... I miss you - and my mouth is watering just from thinking about you! ;o)

- GayGirl

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