Friday, August 13, 2010

15 random things (about me)

1. I absolutely adore the smell (and taste) and nectarines

2. When eating a nectarine while Wifey is around, I love to look at her, smirk and quote the line "I could eat a peach for hours" (from 'Face/Off')

3. You know when you wake up from a wonderful dream and you try going back to sleep, because you're trying to get back to that dream? That's how I feel about Wifey. Whenever we're apart - even if we're just at work - it feels like I'm always trying to get back to her (I know *gag* super corny, but true)

4. I rarely sleep naked... It just makes me feel umm naked, in every way (and cold even during a heat wave)

5. Wifey always sleeps naked (she's always very warm). And I love it!

6. I was once a vegetarian for a year and a half. The main reason I'm not a vegetarian now is that all the people I love are extremely carnivorous, and it feels like I would burden them, so I'm a part time pescetarian now (try to get away with just eating fish, but I also still eat meat).

7. I have one tattoo now, but will have two by the end of today (Friday the 13th... I know, what was I thinking?! And I'm pretty superstitious). Both placed from the hip and up [out of plain sight].

8. My favorite perfumes are Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfiger) for myself and Happy (Clinique) for Wifey.

9. I used to have OCD pretty badly, but now I just have very few quirky "habits" left.

10. I like lemons... A LOT. I can eat and enjoy sour foods more than anyone else I know.

11. I also love spicy, sweet and savoury things. Basically I love food and I don't mind strong/bold flavors!

12. I have no doubt that I could kill a person, if they physically (seriously) harmed someone I love - or if the victim was a child, an animal or anyone else who couldn't fight back.

13. I couldn't hurt an animal unless another life depended on it.

14. More than anything, I despise injustice, unfairness, intolerance and lies. I believe these things are the root of all evil - from broken hearts and dreams to world wars.

15. I believe in love and equality - we are all created equal and have the same right to life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Black Star said...

Hahaha I like your blog!
It's funny ... 5 of 15 are about food/fuits.

*** GayGirl *** said...

Wow, you're right. I hadn't even realized. LOL, but what can I say... I love food and I'm a fruity kind of girl. ;o)

Anonymous said...

i love it! you sound like a pretty cool person and for being so awesome here is your reward. I just found these pics of Kristen Stewart and all i could think was "damn!" i figured i would share.

*** GayGirl *** said...

Aww, you spoil me... Thank you, I love my reward! :o)