Monday, August 11, 2008

Is my dog gay?

Our little household consists of my wonderful Wifey, our cat and our dog (both female) and myself so there's a lot of oestrogen flowing around in this house. Especially these days... our dog is in heat!

However, she's not really all that interested in the male dogs. I mean, she likes all dogs and all people, but still, it would seem quite natural for her to be CRAZY for some male dog attention these days. So, I'm wondering if maybe my dog is gay? I mean, all the religious fanatics already love to think that we (the homosexuals) are contagious, which is why kids and other vulnerable individuals should be kept far away from us, right?

Then again, this might all change once she hits the peak of her heat. By that time she'll probably be a regular little trollop! ;o)

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