Friday, August 8, 2008

There can be only one

No, I'm not talking about The Highlander (though I admit, I do like the movie and ADORE the song "Who wants to live forever" by Queen). I'm talking about Ellen, sooo...

If I say Ellen, you say "Which one?"... Then you truly are among the uninitiated! But not to fear, I will teach you. There is only one Ellen... Ellen DeGeneres!

She was willing to throw herself out there. She may not have been a HUGE star back then, but she did have her own hit show, came out in a MAJOR way and she paved the way for many. She also took the heat and backlash (perfectly illustrated in her show "The Beginning", which is a MUST-SEE and should be in your collection).

I remember being a wee GayGirl. Probably not really knowing I was gay, but definitely knowing I was different - and that I felt more for the women in the movies than the men. Or rather, I wanted to be the leading man. No, not actually really BE him, but in order to get the leading lady. ;o)
Anyway, I watched "Ellen" (the original sitcom), before she came out, and immediately felt a connection to this hysterically funny woman, who nearly made me pee in my pants from laughing... several times. I pretty much knew I was "a Gay", when Ellen did come out, but it still made a huge impact on me. This was also because it was around the time I had started searching for gay movies and books, and here she was just being gay EVERYWHERE, and suddenly I didn't have to look for it anymore. Also, it was around the time I had my first girlfriend, and so in every way, being gay had just become much more "real" somehow.

In any case, I ADORE Ellen... and like Elvis, Madonna og Cher, there is NO need for the last name (okay, only the first one actually uses a last name, but still). If I mean another Ellen, then I'll be sure to include that Ellen's last name, m'kay?!
Now... Go watch Ellen's talkshow - you may even catch a glimpse of the wonderful Portia de Rossi. ;o)
- GayGirl

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