Thursday, August 14, 2008

Honeymoon miracle

I completely forgot about the time we didn't actually plan to stay anywhere near a Chevy's, but still we ended by one by pure luck from the Goddess above.

We were driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and had made quite a few stops on the way there, so we decided to spend the night at a motel somewhere in between and just went through our coupon book, and found one to our satisfaction (we like it cheap, but GOOD, so we're by no means a "budget" kind of travelling couple, LOL).
Anyway, we pull up to this motel, and right next to it - and I mean RIGHT next to it - was a Chevy's! It was perfect and obviously, since we we're staying right next to it, we could go a bit Margarita crazy (or actually, we were all about Strawberry Daiquiries back then)... Ooooh, it was great!

Oh, AND this was our honeymoon (driving around in California 'cause we LOVE roadtrips), so it really was like a wedding present from above.

Happy thoughts,
- GayGirl

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