Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is Kristen Stewart gay? The follow-up (and one year anniversary post)

Well, a lot has happened since my original post about the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. A whole lot of nothing! If you’re to believe the unreal lack of pictures featuring them both… which of course, we know better than to do (you really need to click the image below for the details).

Sure, these two actresses are both part of the Twilight franchise, and to begin with they were the key elements of the promotion tour (along with Robert Pattinson and Tayor Lautner), but – as we all know by now – Nikki Reed disappeared after rumors and speculations regarding the nature of her relationship with Kristen Stewart became too intense. Rumors about Kristen and Rob or Kristen and Taylor however were fine and almost encouraged. The same goes for rumors about Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart having had a falling out – the version in which it was due to them both being crazy about Rob seemed to be pushed the most.

However, if you dig just a little bit, then you will find it. No, not the dirt. Simply the truth.
My original post was from June 2009, which officially makes this the one year anniversary of that particular post – and let me tell you, I still get thousands of hits every single month on this posts and the majority of my visitors find it via search engines. Which search gives the most hits, you ask? Why it’s the simple and pure “Kristen Stewart gay” search… Apparently Summit Entertainment has in no way managed to convince people that she’s a Team Edward and/or Team Jacob grrl.

Let’s get started with the update, shall we?

Exhibit A:
While not being seen at any public events and only very few unofficial outings of any kind, here we see the two supposed “enemies” out and about in Vancouver in early September 2009.

Exhibit B:
A tiny excerpt from a November 2009 interview with Spin Magazine.

Q: What’s the most prized T-shirt in your collection?
A: [Friend and New Moon star] Kristen [Stewart] and I share a lot of clothes, so I wear a lot of Joan Jett shirts.

Uh huh… let’s just let that one stand alone, shall we?

  Exhibit C:
While Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart were nowhere near each other at the big November 16th 2009 grand opening of “Twilight: New Moon” in Hollywood, they were both there, but you'll only find picture of them with other cast members:

And for good measure, here is the undeniable proof that they were both there; Please note the fact that their wearing the dresses from the above images and also, pay attention to the pink "Kristen is the shiznit!" t-shirt in the background:

However, three days later on November 19th at the New York premiere, Nikki and Kristen were seen in official pictures together for the first time in a very long time:

I’m sure someone got fired for letting that happen, but what can you do? Maybe Kristen weren’t supposed to arrive at the same time since she's wearing a long trench coat while Nikki is sporting a red carpet dress -seems a bit odd. Also, Kristen does have a very smug look about her - as if she just got away with something. And if the trench coat reasoning should be that it was her cold, then it got warmer later on, when the dress was in fact revealed later and looked like this:
No picture of them along side one another in their red carpet dresses though... of course not.

You GO, girls! I'll return shortly with yet another update - some more recent input as well.

- GG


Anonymous said...

Just gayer than a damn rainbow.

Anonymous said...

have you seen these pictures yet?






PS - LOVE the blog.

Romantic Fool said...

Your detective work is great. Kristen came out at Sundance and on Runaways dvd. The fall out with Nikki happened after Kristen indicated in an interview that she was involved with Dakota. Yes, a 15 year old. Summit has been on lock down of Rob and Kristen as Rob is known for not being big on lying and way too candid. Like when he said in the fall of 2008 that he was a practicing Catholic, believed in waiting for the right girl, was celibate (said it at UK Twi premier) and told Seacrest "Kristen and I are not meant to be". The net and You Tube has been scrubbed trying to cover for this troublesome girl. Rob rejected Kristen and she got involved with first Nikki, Dakota and Scout. Here is the link that shows Kristen's obvious admission. The big cover up had to do with her involvement with Dakota. Notice how Dakota has on Kristen's dress from the Nylon shoot. Rob is not involved with Kristen. He is just the fall guy. He had a steady by the time Twilight premier happened. He told the interviewer when asked if he had a girlfriend..."no, not right now". Camilla Belle was there and seen him with through 2009 and in NY during Remember Me. They have known each other for years. If you were the hottest guy in the world would you choose a charming, genteel, smart, accomplished, sweet,stunning and classy girl like Camilla or a punk with a dirty mouth that has led a wild life like Kristen? The bong pics of Kristen before Twilight premier that came out and the controversial comments she made to the press about being a lesbian and finger antics were the final straw for Rob. He is her friend but even he is sick of her bull and bad pr. It makes him look bad to be hooked to her.

Anonymous said...

babe i just luv ur blog.and it just gets even better!keep on posting!

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

At last, I am back... Thank you for all your sweet and encouraging comments. I'll try to be on my best behaviour and post regularly in the future. :o)

Much love,
- GayGirl

Anonymous said...

Look at this video:


Apparently, you're not the only one who thinks this. Someone should tell Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed that "it gets better".

I didn't care about Twilight or anyone in Twilight, but looking at the photos, it's just so obvious and sad if they are lying to themselves.