Sunday, June 27, 2010

Image of Sunday

I had already decided on this image last week, but then I started doubting as I was seeing pictures from the various Pride Parades in countries around the world. However, I quickly realized that my choice is VERY gay and even has a clear rainbow theme, so I stuck with it.

My Image of Sunday and wallpaper for the week. GLEE:
However, I also have a bonus,which is actually much more important to me than the image this week. When I saw this video yesterday from the Mexico City Pride Parade, it was immediately clear that nothing else would do.

But first, the story behind it. You see, I am CRAZY about the new mexican soap "Las Aparicio", which has the best gay couple on TV right now. However, I can't see it, so I found it a few weeks ago, when I stumbled across a clip on YouTube and so I have been catching up by watching all the scenes while reading recaps. I highly recommed - and by "highly recommend" I mean you MUST do it - reading Ingrid Diaz' recaps, which are readily avaible at her website now, but she will also be doing recaps of the show for AfterEllen starting next week. This was announced this week in "Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever":

"Julia and Mariana finally did it on Las Aparicio (thanks for the tip, Betty!) The show's stars Erendira Ibarra (Mariana) and Liz Gallardo (Julia) will be at the Mexico City Pride Parade this Saturday. Check back next week for our recaps (starting with the first episode and running until we're current) by Ingrid Diaz."

So... of course, I now have to give you two bonus videos, since you also need a little teaser/taster of the show.

First the kiss at Mexico City Pride Parade - please note the "Legalize Gay" T-shirts (I REALLY need to get at least one of those)...:

And then of course, I should give you the scene, where they "finally did it"... but you need to get to that in your own time, and instead just start with the first kis between them (which is from the first episode, because YES, this show is just that awesome). Enjoy!

And like I said earlier, you really need to get on board for this show, so start reading those recaps and watching those videos. I promise you, it is well worth your time. ;o)

Also, I read this statement below very recently, and it is SO true after both "Chich Busca Chica", Pepa and Silvia (aka PepSi) of "Los Hombres de Paco" and now Julia and Mariana (aka Juliana) of "Las Aparicio" plus various other movies. (if you know who said this first, then please let me know and I will gladly spread that info as well)

SPANISH = the new language of lesbians!

Maybe that's why I am now kicking my quest for learning the language into high gear. I am listening to Spanish radio every day at work - plus I was already rooting for Spain as the winner of the soccer World Cup 2010, so I was on the right track. ;o)

Have a beautiful week,
- GayGirl

P.S. One more "Spanish is the new language of lesbians"-fact: Mexican soap actress Kenia Gazcón just came out of the closet this past week (hat tip @ AfterEllen via LesbiCanarias), and it would appear she's the first ever Mexican actress to publicly come out. Congratulations Kenia... and welcome! :o)

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