Sunday, June 20, 2010

Image of Sunday

It's so strange how a person, who's basically crude and obnoxious can make you laugh so damn hard. I suppose it's because Sue Sylvester always just speaks her mind and holds nothing back, which is sort of charming in her own way... Also, we all know she has a heart of gold and wants to push people to succeed (and thus make her a success as well, of course). Her entire persona is like performance art based on the song "I am what I am".

Here's your Image of Sunday and my desktop wallpaper for the next week:

Somehow this woman calling me a loser just inpires me to do better... Maybe that's also how "Sue C's it"? ;o)

Besides, she's played by Jane Lynch. Enough said! The woman has made a career out of playing ballsy, intelligent [often gay] women with the best one-liners.

So of course, the bonus for this week, is this little video she made with Electric Spoofaloo:

Have a funfilled week,
- GG

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