Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Tribute: The pretty boys...

I've always said that if I was a man, I'd still be gay... I just can't imagine not being gay. That's how gay I am, I guess! Also, I couldn't get Wifey if I were a man, so no point in being a straight man.

Anyway, that really wasn't my point. Wifey just IM'ed me a picture and asked if I could recognize the person, and at first I really couldn't. I'll spare you the guessing game and just tell you that it's Lance Bass.
And he is looking so damn pretty - which is a good thing in my book. What can I say, even as a gay girl I love my gay men!

But however pretty Lance looks in the above picture, he is only a shadow of the #1 Pretty Man in the world right now:
Yes, Adam Lambert! And he can be as gorgeous a woman...
... as he can be handsome man:

I can't help but think of the bumper sticker my mom bought the first time she went to San Francisco:
Take me down to Paradise City
Where the women are strong and the men are pretty

That pretty much sums up my idea of a perfect place! ;o)

- GG

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