Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Tribute: The pretty boys...

I've always said that if I was a man, I'd still be gay... I just can't imagine not being gay. That's how gay I am, I guess! Also, I couldn't get Wifey if I were a man, so no point in being a straight man.

Anyway, that really wasn't my point. Wifey just IM'ed me a picture and asked if I could recognize the person, and at first I really couldn't. I'll spare you the guessing game and just tell you that it's Lance Bass.
And he is looking so damn pretty - which is a good thing in my book. What can I say, even as a gay girl I love my gay men!

But however pretty Lance looks in the above picture, he is only a shadow of the #1 Pretty Man in the world right now:
Yes, Adam Lambert! And he can be as gorgeous a woman...
... as he can be handsome man:

I can't help but think of the bumper sticker my mom bought the first time she went to San Francisco:
Take me down to Paradise City
Where the women are strong and the men are pretty

That pretty much sums up my idea of a perfect place! ;o)

- GG

1 comment:

Tinalynn said...

I have to agree with you gaygirl
both those men in your photos are very alluring and like you I find myself
longing to meet eather one and or both of them in real life.
To feel arms around me to feel my painted lips against theirs and their
bulge against me.
there so many things that runs through my mind as I look at those photos.
I think all have an idea what they are.