Monday, June 7, 2010

Image of SUNday

I realize it's not Sunday anymore and I do apologize... What can I say? The sun came out and so did the blender, and Sunday became SUN-day... and Frozen Margarita n' Daiquiri day. Yesterday's lunch literally consisted of margaritas, fresh strawberries and nachos. And then for dessert we had Strawberry daiquiris... and a nap in the sun. ;o)

All in all, a wonderful and beautiful day out in the sun - and I was tanning responsibly with ample amounts of high SPF and shade. Plus, being the doting wife, I made sure Wifey was always protected, so I lotioned her up... regularly. ;o) Oh, how I do love the sun, blue skies and drinks...

And in my drinks I only use the brands that support me, so I'm all about the Absolut... it's Absolutely fabulous - and gay! So this is my screensaver for the following week:

Bonus clip of the week is another very well-known brand talking to us:

Have a wonderful week,
- GG

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