Sunday, June 13, 2010

Image of Sunday

Today should've been an easy choice, but I was conflicted; Should I go with Glee since they had their season ending just recently OR should I go with True Blood since season 3 premieres today?

The result either way would be campy and very VERY gay... so really, I couldn't lose. And I decided that since we'll get plenty of True Blood in the weeks to come, but no more Glee, we need to celebrate the beginning of a new season and then have an excuse to look at Glee wallpapers once or twice (at least) during the summer. ;o)

But still there was another choice to be made: The new promotional shot OR the lips and tongue which symbolizes the show. Yet again, I realize that I can't lose either way and, in any case, I don't have to choose.

So here comes both - I'm starting out with the first one as my wallpaper and then I might switch it up during the week. I'm just a rebel that way!

... and the bonus version:

Have a great week...
- GG

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