Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday I'm in Love

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday I'm in Love... with these ships!

But in order to keep myself in line, I've decided to focus on the three C's that are Calzona, Clexa and Cophine.

Ah yes, it used to be amazing heartbreaks and sweet moment and coming together again for Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins, but these past years it's been pretty much down hill.

calzona shower kiss
Ah yes, the good ol' days
Grey's Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, used to say the were MFEO [Made For Each Other], but she pretty much seems to have forgotten all about that.

calzona praying for the gay
Calzona praying for the gay

And really, where is Sofia? Their daughter, who mysteriously never needs either of her moms since they're both working, dating and/or over-coming yet another tragedy at the same time.

But when they were good, they were good.

callie torres eyesex
Callie Torres can undress with her eyes perfectly
Fairly new ship from The 100 (not the one-hundred. just 'the hundred', which still really irks me!), where Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa have become increasingly close.
clexa kiss
Yup, that's pretty close

clexa kissing
And so it became canon

But this is a ship that the creator, Jason Rothenberg, ships at least as much as the fans, and so far he's using the show's third season to make Clexa fanfiction come true.

clexa season 3
How they're keeping it going

There's no doubt that the immediate online fanbase was a huge part of the Orphan Black success. And while the success on sites like Tumblr was absolutely due to Tatiana Maslany's amazing ability to portray 80% of the characters in the cast, it quickly became obvious that especially one of the characters she played (science geek, Cosima Niehaus) was getting a lot of attention because of her relationship with another character, (follow science geek puppy, Delphine Cormier) and together they became Cophine.

cophine first kiss
The first kiss had Delphine quite surprised

cophine second kiss
The second kiss had Delphine in charge
Now, as we prepare for the fourth season of Orphan Black there's been an almost alarming lack of publicity for the show - especially compared to last year, when Twitter and Tumblr were fed clips and images to build up a frenzy.

cophine first kiss season 3
The first kiss of season 3
cophine last kiss
The last kiss of season 3
Personally, I'm convinced it's simply because they don't want to reveal too much of how Delphine will be part of the story. Season three ended on a cliffhanger, but I have hope for the puppy turned wolf.
Cophine kiss sitting
I better see you two lovebirds soon!

So, who are you shipping? And what's your favorite ship?

With love for Friday,
- GayGirl

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