Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is Nikki Reed?

I almost forgot... There was an additional little interesting fact in relation to the pictures of Dakota og Kristen taken in Italy. The pictures were published on several websites in late May, but earlier that same month, Nikki Reed was seen in L.A. - since she wasn't in the scenes being shots in Vancouver at the time - and according to JustJaredJr, she was quoted as saying to MTV:

“Put it this way: I am not in any of the scenes in Italy, but we’ve already made sure that I am going to Italy while they shoot that because I am sort of obsessed with that portion of the book.”

But then the question becomes: Where was Nikki Reed? Was she ever in Italy? The answer: No!

While the quote above was seen everywhere on May 13th, just six days later (on May 18th) several websites were reporting the opposite. Refering to the quote above and adding their own two cents:
It is no secret that Reed and co-star Kristen Stewart are and have been very close friends for a great while, and, as a group, all of the stars of Twilight have developed a bond and friendship that seems to continue through the filming process.
the Examiner reported that she had decided against it and would be spending time with her family instead.

Hmm, okay, so she's just been in L.A. for a while, not being with the cast in Vancouver, and now she decided against a holiday in the company of friends, cause she wanted to spend more time with her family. And she just decided this in less than a week? Eager and excited to go one minute and wanting to relax with her family the next? Riiiight.

Meanwhile, the fascinating latest news about Nikki Reed [ALL over the Internet since June 12th] is that both she and Ashley Greene have decided to quit smoking. Yay, doing it for the kids... They want to be good role models. No gay, no smoke... ALL good! Hmm, gives a new double meaning to the word "fag" [slur for gay and British slang for cigarette].

Guess we won't be seeing any more picture like this:

But then again, ANY picture with Kristen and Nikki seen together would be a miracle these days.

Looking for the BFF's,
- GG


Anonymous said...

This picture was posted on Twitter yesterday. It is supposed to be Kristen, Nikki, and KS's mom. Not sure though.

Anonymous said...

Hey, from which Twitter is this picture from??
Somehow it does seem like they could be Kristen and Nikki although...I don't know..I'm not totally sure. Isn't Kristen thinner? Not that this girl is overweight or anything.. Btw, the yellow jacket is horrible! ;)

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

I just found this story, and it looks like pictures from the same day - they're from april and it's not Kristen. I was sure of it too though. Until I found this:

Anonymous said...

Its not kristen that is Sage and Kristens mom. Its from when she was in LA back in April on break from the movie B4 she went back for Kristen's b-day! lol

Anonymous said...

i love nikki she is mine