Monday, May 3, 2010

Girl with the Tiger Tattoo

If only the Lisbeth Salander books [Millenium trilogy] - and more importantly the movie adaptation - had been in the works 10 years ago, it would have been SO obvious, who should play… no, who would become Lisbeth Salander for the adaptations. The Girl with the Tiger Tattoo...

We've already seen how she can go to that extremely dark place in “Gia” (a bit too dark for her own good probably). And we know she wouldn't have the slightest problem with kissing another woman (again). Let's take a short trip down memory lane, shall we?

Confession time: Angelina Jolie is one of my all time favorite actors. I started out with “Foxfire” and it was litterally love [or lust?] at first sight. After that I was going crazy waiting for “Gia”. This was back when no one knew who the hell she was. And I mean NO one. “Angelina who?” was the usual response, when I was letting people know that I couldn’t wait for this movie about the supermodel Gia. Well, no one except for the lesbian community that is, cause there were plenty of fanpages and discussions forums filled with lesbians going crazy over this woman – and this was way back in 1998, when the Internet was just a toddler. Ahh yes, forget the gay boys being first movers, the gay girls have been the true pioneers of the Internet when it comes to anything that isn’t porn or downloading music.

Anyway, after "Tomb Raider" everyone knew who she was, but already after "Gia" people started recognizing her name because this new girl started winning every major award she was nominated for.

Anyway, back on track... Despite the fact that only very young actresses are being mentioned as contenders for the title role in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", I still think Angelina Jolie could pull the role off today. I mean, Noomi Rapace is from 1979, so Kristen Stewart is more than 10 years younger while Jolie is just 4 years older than the original Lisbeth Salander. Unfortunately, I just really doubt Jolie would do it now, and people would have huge preconceived notions about how she’d do it… then again, it would be the perfect way to prove everyone wrong.

Dreaming on,
- GG


Ab said...

She absolutely could do it, amazing actress! But I don't think she wants to play it :( (How sad)...but I heard something about Brad Pitt is a huge fan of the books so...maybe? I read on Afterellen that Carey Mulligan has a chance to play the role too- You know anything about it? I don't think she looks like Lisbeth but I don't know anithing about this actress and her abilities, so...

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

Hi Ab,

Yeah, I read that bit about Brad Pitt as well, and it would seem he might be up for the role of Mikael Blomkvist, but who knows?! Also, I've only seen Carey Mulligan in "An Education", but she truly was brilliant, so I'm sure she could pull it off. However, I agree completely that she looks nothing like the original Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace), who was perfect in the role. :o/

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

P.S. Some very persistant rumors are saying that David Fincher will direct the US remake, and if this is the case, then Brad Pitt seems very obvious.
They've made "Se7en", "Fight Club" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" together already. I'll be sure to bring updates on my blog, when anything's confirmed. ;o)

Ab said...

David Fincher? Hmm, It wouldn't be bad- I think he could make a good thriller movie from it. I heard something that Tarantino wants to make it too- but I don't know...I like him but his style is too strong for this story.