Friday, April 9, 2010

20 years in the closet... and counting?

I've been away for FAR too long, and I will get back on track - the truth is I adore someone else's blog so damn much that I've lost focus on my own (I'll be sure to include a post on which blog this is soon).

And I have read and enjoyed all your very many comments, so I'm not gone... just hiding a bit in the shadows, I suppose. Anyway, if ever there was a time to crawl out from under my rock, then of course it would be the birthday of the most popular girl on GayGirl's blog: Kristen Stewart... and today she turns 20 years old, so let's hear it for the girl!

Okay okay, so the song is "Let's hear it for the boy", but just replace it with girl or - better yet - Tomboy, and it's quite a wonderful fit.

Anyway, let me also just get this out: I am all for Kristen Stewart for the role of Lisbeth Salander in the US remake of the Swedish "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Noomi Rapace in the original version is absolutely brilliant and could easily rock the US version, but an A-list like Kristen would probably sell a lot more tickets, and she could do an awesome job.

For the record, I still have a gaydar that pings out to the max (like off the chart!) for Miss Stewart, so I'd just like to offer this one invite to her: Come on in, the water's just fine... and we won't bite - unless you
like that sort of thing. And FYI, I think many a gay ladies do... including myself - and you? ;o)

Feeling celebratory,
- GG


Abigail said...

You read the Lisbeth Salander books? It's one of my favourites and yeah, I think Kristen will be cool for the role. And Rapace was so good too, I loved her act in the Swedish version!
I'm happy because You are posting again, this blog is awesome!


*** GayGirl *** said...

Hi Abigail. :o) Thank you so very much for your kind words - and yes, I am back to blogging now. For real, this time. ;o)
Also, yes, I did read read the first Lisbeth Salander book and I'm halfway through the second... They're brilliant and among my absolute favorites as well!
- GG

Abigail said...

Than I'll keep my eyes on You and the blog! :)))
In Hungary (where I'm from) the 3rd book came a few months ago and it was absolutely fantastic! A lot of information about Lisbeth :D
I was in Sweden in January and I saw the 3rd movie, it wasn't bad at all...but the first two is much better!
Thanks for answered to me!
All the best,


SAFF said...

Kristen DID say in an interview w/ Dakota Fanning that she bit her once...well Dakota said it actually. Then the interviewer said something jokingly about them having an "abusive relationship" and kristen replied "She likes it". The entire interview was EXTREMELY flirty and there is NO WAY that there wasn't SOME kind of sexual tension going on in that room. The comments under the video are pretty cool as well.