Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A comment I just left at another site and wanted to share

I find it amusing (and a bit disturbing) how everyone is so busy stating "they're just friends" and how apparently everybody's kissing their same-sex friends and it means absolutely nothing. It seems that same-sex friends can only be friends no matter what behaviour they exhibit. Opposite-sex friends though, they can never be "just" friends. I mean, you guys all KNOW that you would be screaming "they're SO in love" if this was Robert and Kristin or Nikki acting this way.
And I know from personal experience how this works. No one would ever think that my love of 8 years was the girl next to me. We're just "very close friends" in the eyes of the public majority. No matter how much we kiss and hold hands, the fact that we don't fit the "lesbian stereotype" makes it all very innocent, apparently. LOL, if they only knew. ;o)
And finally, you ALL know you were saying the same damn thing about Lindsay and Samantha. And we all know how that turned out. :o)
Oh, and for the record, I'm not saying that Kristen and Nikki are a couple. I'm just saying I think it's strange that everyone dismisses it no matter what their behaviour might indicate. Also, now Nikki has disappeared from the public eye and it seems like her and Kristen have been instructed to stay away from each other in public, since they haven't been seen together in weeks. And this after traveling around together and after one another for months. Hmm, the plot thickens... ;o)


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Anonymous said...

I don't know if they were having a relationship, but something is REALLY weird here. I am pretty shocked that none of the tabloids have picked up on it, I guess they are too obsessed with the idea of Rob and Kristen but I think this is super strange and don't know why more people aren't talking about it. No answers, though it seems weird for the studio or whoever to forbid them hanging out after all this time being very public together.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any thing going on with Nikki and Kisten, they're just good friends.

From what I have read, Nikki has been spotted with Kristen Stewart's ex boyfriend (the ex part has not been confirmed but all info relating to Michael Angarano has been removed from Kristen's IMDB profile at the request of her management team)

Nikki and Michael were both in the Lords of Dog Town (directed by Catherine Hardwicke)and developed a great friendship
I have read that Nikki is comforting Michael and that the bust up between Stewart and Angarano and the Robert Pattinson - Kristen Stewart romance is straining Kristen and Nikki's relationship.

Anonymous said...

I have also been wondering about Nikki's whereabouts! Something just occured to me and it may not be the case at all. Dont get me wrong I like seeing them together but im thinking that maybe they were told to cool it on the public appearances since they might not look like good role models when together. Which in my opinion is a downer since Nikki and Kristen seem the most fun to follow via tabloids and such.

Anonymous said...

i want to know what happened too ive been wondering for weeks and nobody has said anything im waiting for when they start filming eclipse in a couple months to see what happens. i think with the italy thing it was more to do with they didnt have time to hang out and stuff because if you remember kellan was supposed to go too but didnt. and there were things saying that nikki said to kristen before she left the set guess i should get a job and start living my life.r something?

Anonymous said...

for weeks i being wondering about Nikki... Her last interview she said she was going to Italy w/ Kristen and then she change her mind,since then she desappear.

This is my personnal opinion.
since Rob is around: Kristen and her "4 years boyfriend" looks like is over.Kristen and her "long time bestfriend" looks like is over too.

I wonder if Nikki will come back to film Eclipse?? She is in the contract.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think Kristen and Nikki were ever a couple, BFF maybe but something more? I found it difficult to believe since Kristen was supposedly dating Angarano. But I have to say it's strange how Nikki is now nowhere to be found and Kristen is seen with everone else except her. Maybe they had a fight? Maybe Kristen and Rob getting closer had something to do with it? Who knows...i think we'll get some answers when the shooting of Eclipse we'll start. Or at the very last, when promotion for New Moon starts in november.