Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's in a name?

"GayGirll2000" How did I come up with that name?

Well, I never really use the word "lesbian". I mean, I do use it every now and then, but I define myself as "gay" and not "lesbian". I have no problem with the L word, but many years back - more than a decade, which is just scary to think about, LOL - when I came out, I really wasn't very happy with the word and it seemed like only certain homosexual women (angry, older, more butch and man hating) called themselves "Lesbians", but I was happy, young - still am, darn it - not butch, but not really super femine either, and I know many men that I think are just wonderful (gay and straight), so I went with the word that happy Ellen DeGeneres chose, when she proudly proclaimed "Yep, I'm gay!".

Me too!
Anyway, when you need to choose your name online, it seems other people have always had the same thought as you, so of course you need to find a new name, and so I thought to myself... What's gay? What's cool? Funny? Sounds good? What works that I can remember and identify with? And then it hit me...

Oh yeah, baby... it's like a new and improved version - or a cool robot, and I'm a bit geeky like that. GayGirl2000... Thank you, Jack!

- GG

P.S. I've lost a good 5 pounds so far, and things are going really good - except I've just been wined and dined for three days in a row. ;o) My parents love to take out me and my Wifey... We really are just foodies, and it is our summer vacation these days.
Besides, Wifey's got the greatest metabolism and can eat like a construction worker, while maintaining the look of a swimsuit model (I know, the world is unfair, but at least she's mine, so I'm  not complaining... much), so my parents really enjoy taking us out for dinner. People always love guests with a good appetite. Anyway, I'm staying on board with the Jillian Michaels workouts and am back on track on the food/calorie intake now as well.

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