Thursday, October 2, 2008

Woman, feminist, cook... Goddess!

I would like to direct your attention to Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson, who - in my humble opinion - is the essense of being a woman. When you look the word "Woman" up in a dictionary, you should see Nigella. I know many men and women who simply adore her (like me!), but I also know many that are intimidated by her and without knowing anything about her, turns to words such as "food porn" or "repressed" (?!) to describe her.

Well, excuse me, but are you completely blind or have you simply been living under a rock?! This woman is a feminist of the BEST kind, if you ask me - and I know you didn't, but I really couldn't care less cause you're reading my blog and so I'm in charge... Oh yeah, baby, I am woman, hear me roar. See? That's what I mean, just writing about her I feel empowered.

But yes, I will give you that she is a VERY sensual persona, and when she's cooking (if ya know what I mean *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*?!) then Wifey and I can't help but smile and laugh at how very erotic even the most simple roast potato can become, because yes, she is very flirtatious. However, I really don't think it's something she does intentionally.
In fact, here's a little tidbit from a Herald Time article on that exact topic:

"I always feel people overstress that," she says. "My producers are women and they're heterosexual women. As far as I'm aware, their view isn't that I'm going to be singing my siren song."

Perhaps. But it's hard to discount Lawson's flirtatious ways with the camera, the knowing, sidelong glances, the slow bites. Overstressed or not, food and sensuality blur a bit on Lawson's set.

"I love food and I'm very greedy," she says. "But I always feel it makes it sound like I'm doing some exotic dance of the seven veils."

In a cooking-mood... or maybe I just feel like watching Nigella cooking shows? If I wasn't in touch with being gay, I think my first time watching Nigella would've taken care of that. ;o)
- GayGirl

P.S. Bonus item of the day that may tickle your interest:
"... most [women] simply have, somewhere, a fantasy about having sex, in a non-defining, non-exclusive way, with other women"

- Nigella Lawson in her article "Sapphism is more than designer-dykery" from The Guardian.

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~wicked~ said...

yes yes! dear GG...we share the same love of tempting, alluring and oh-so-sensual Nigella...been a fan of hers for years...and i, too, would have definitely given lesbianism a try had i not already crossed that deep-seated road a while ago...she is so delectably delicious in just so many ways...