Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Am I an addict?

Yes, I'm afraid I have to admit that I am an addict.

It's not one of the usual Rock n' Roll addictions like alcohol or drugs or even smoking. But it IS an addiction and it is definitely bad for me: Food.

And no, I'm not at the point where I'm dangerously obese. Actually, I'm not obese by any definition, but I am overweight and would be a lot healthier if I lost a good 15-20 pounds. Fortunately I also eat healthy things, but my issue is with moderation.

You know how they say you can have anything in moderation? Well, I'm not so sure about that. I can't have just ONE piece of chocolate if I have a whole box in front of me... Excuse me, but *chuckles* "a box in front of me".. oh, how my mind easily wanders into naughty areas. :oP

ANYWAY, I can't stop after just one piece, and I know it. So my point - and yes, as always, I do actually have one - is that when you get down to basics, it's no different than the addiction to i.e. alcohol. You wouldn't say "Oh, go ahead, Bob, I know you're an alcoholic, but you know how they say everything is fine in moderation... Go ahead, enjoy a drink or two on the weekends".

But somehow, food just isn't considered as serious as alcohol, smoking or drugs. Even though obesity is now a heavy burden on hospitals around the world just as smoking, alcohol and drugs have been for years. I just wish everyone would accept the fact that some people have problems with food just as others have with smoking or alcohol. And respect this addiction as something serious, by - at the very least - not trying to persuade them that it okay to eat the chocolate or a piece of cake, because "You have to indulge sometimes, and you're doing so well... Everything is fine in moderation". My ASS it is.

I have gotten this far without becoming obese and am well on my way to losing weight, because I don't indulge and I accept that I can't have that first "taste" of my addiction without falling off the wagon.

Actually, this entire complaint is only mildly personal annoyance, since my real issue is to see friends who experienced massive weightloss be tempted by so-called friends, when you KNOW they have a problem with food. I have personally seen one of my best childhood friends lose and gain 100 pounds THREE times. Everything's going fine, and everybody's impressed, but once it seems like a "new lifestyle", the 'friends' are back with their good intentions and cliche advice of "moderation".

Anyway... I won't have it anymore. I won't pressure anyone overweight into dieting, but if they make that step, I certainly won't pressure them into returning to their bad habits just cause they do well.

And with that, I'm off to eat some healthy snacks. ;o)

- GayGirl

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