Monday, October 20, 2008

How dare you?

Okay, I may be sensitive and my sense of fairness can get a bit warped. But when I go to a special screening of a movie featuring a lesbian love story as the primary theme, then I have a REALLY hard time tolerating that the straight couple in front of me feel a need to constantly be making out and be super lovey-dovey. I really am not much for public affection (kisses, hugs, holding hands is all fine, but I feel that make-out sessions is really inappropriate - the disco, bar and club scene not included).

Anyway, I have to look at you straight couples “flashing your sexuality in my face” every single day - oh yeah, you KNOW that’s what they’d be calling it if two boys in love were even thinking about holding hands. But when I go to see a movie made for ME and MY people, then I really don’t think I should have to put up with it. Oh, I know this couple were feeling very tolerant and open-minded by going to see this movie (where the audience were otherwise gay, bisexual or single straight men hoping to see some lesbian action), but you seemed more pathetic than anything, since you were sooo busy showing everyone that you were a couple, you know, straight couple… being like, totally straight… with each other.

Besides, this movie was REALLY good, so if this straight couple had actually been interested in the movie, then they would have been acting like the rest of the people there. All everyone else had time for was holding hands, sharing loving glances, sitting close and reaching for a kleenex. Yes, even those insensitive assholes in front of me couldn’t ruin this movie called "The Chinese Botanist's Daughter".

Think “Brokeback Mountain” set in a totally different environment and with lesbians… and they made ALL the right choices – not the safe or easy ones, but always the option that could keep them together in SOME way. There's a review at AfterEllen here

Feeling happy to be gay in this society and time (even if we still have a long way to go for equality)
- GayGirl

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~wicked~ said...

too bad i wasn't there...they would've thought twice before kanoodling again ;-)...yeah, i'm a bad ass with a nasty mouth (when needed)....thanks for the head's up on the movie...i'll be looking for it, sometimes i swear i'm waaay out of the lesbian loop on movies!