Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FINALLY, I understand now!

I've been trying to figure out why I love the Callie/Erica storyline and relationship on Grey's Anatomy so much, and now I know. Malinda Lo's column at just managed to explain it perfectly. Also, her column made me realize how much their story reminds me of how I met my Wifey.

We're always gushing about how happy we are that things went so slow. I mean, people knew we should be together for quite a while before we realized it. We quickly became best friends and were really scared of losing the friendship if things didn't work out - quite a silly fear as things have turned out. But still, everything was savoured and we can laugh at how innocent we were in the beginning... but it was perfect.

Thank you, Malinda... I think I'm gonna feel all warm and tingly inside for a while after reading your column. :o)
- GayGirl


~wicked~ said...

i so agree, GG...i loved Malinda's is the way many of us would like things to go...i, however, seem to be in a race with time these's like my thought process goes to "how many chicks can you score with before you're 50?" (which is only less than 2 yrs away! ouch). but i'm not a 'player' or a 'fuck-em-and-leave-em' kind of girl...just so you know ;-)

anyhow, the storyline with Callie/Hahn makes me all tingly and misty-eyed and i love it!

~wicked~ said...

and AE has told us...shit, i knew they'd screw up Grey's...i'm so angry, very angry with ABC network...

now there is no more reason for me to watch this silly show...that was the only relationship that kept me on as a viewer....


*** GayGirl *** said...

Yeah, I know... Yet another reason I haven't been blogging. Everything just got so f***ed up suddenly. Both with Grey's and the election. Not a god gay week. :o(