Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Allow me to explain...

I'm one of those potentially boring people that exist in the bliss of "we". My wife and I have long been living under the dogma that "We're a package deal" meaning that if you want one of us, you get both. If you insist on only one, then you get... Nada!

It's not that we NEED to be together all the time, it's simply that we choose to. Because we WANT to.

Anyway, a while back I was thinking of a way to explain the way I feel, and the obvious first point is the fact that we're lovers AND absolutely best friends - soul mates in every way, if you believe in that sort of thing. But still, people seem to think this is just 'a line' that we [people of the homosexual persuasion] use to "promote our lifestyle". That's right, you KNOW you can hear some right wing homophobes using that exact line.

So here goes, this is my way of explaining how I feel about my wife:

You know when you have a great dream. No matter what your great dream is, you know it's the kind of dream where, when you wake up, you immediately try to go back to sleep. You do this, because all you want is to return to this world within your dream. Well, what if when you went to bed you could go to this dreamworld every night, and keep on having new experiences within this world? Wouldn't you just accept and Cherish this possibility? My life with my wife IS that great dream for me. And I always choose to live the dream with my wife. I cannot think of a reason why I shouldn't.

Feeling the love,
- GayGirl


~wicked~ said...

i'm so touched by your emotional solidity with your wife...i guess i'm probably a wee bit jealous too as i know i will probably never obtain such loyalty and committment for the long term and i know that it's ME, not them.....i think i'm too "fickle"(?) or i get bored way too easy and then i get restless and antsy and want to run....i'm not even really sure what the reasons are...ok, i see another therapy session is due...i might just blog about my own feelings regarding love and its elusiveness in my life

but accolades and mucho hugs to the both of you...it makes my heart feel good


*** GayGirl *** said...

Aww, thank you SO much for your sweet words. :o) And hey, before I found my wife, I was jealous of other couples, too. And I definitely doubted that I would find it - especially after having been through a relationship that ended with HELL. But then, just when you're not looking for it, there it is. :o) One of our best friends just had the same thing happen to him. Not looking, not believing it could happen, and BAM, there he was. Suddenly it seems I'm surrounded by happy gay couples, which I never really dared hope for. However sad that may sound, LOL. Oh well, it just means that you don't have to believe to achieve, right? ;o)