Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm coming out...

I need to come out. No, not the gay part... that's pretty out there
already. ;o) In fact, I'm one of those people who - as far back as I can
remember - always said that the one thing I knew I wasn't was straight.
That's probably why I got this T-shirt the minute I saw it:

Yep, that sums me up. I knew that I liked women, but I was a bit more
uncertain about those of the male persuasion. So maybe I was bi, but I
certainly never thought I was (or could be or even wanted to be) straight. I did consider myself to be bisexual during my teens, while I was figuring it all out... But I only really found my heartbeat speeding up and slowing down at the same time for girls. And I'm a total Goldstar lesbian... LOL, so I wasn't really all THAT bi.

Anyway, turns out the only guys I like are A) Those that I love like friends and in a total brotherly way or B) The gay boys... cause I do love
them, and the only time during my bi-years that I got somewhat confused was by a wonderful gay guy. Probably because it was all very safe and he had a femine thing about him that I responded to.

In any case, turns out I'm just super gay and thrilled to bits about it. Oh yes, in these Pride times, I really am.

But this post has been a complete side-track from the REAL point - and as
always, I do have one... You just need to wait for it, when I think of other interesting and completely mindblowing things I need to share. Or maybe not all that mindblowing... But back to the point of this post: I need to come out... and admit to the world... I am... not... American. I'm European. Born here and have been a citizen for all my life.

I've not objected when a comment has assumed otherwise because Wifey and I both ADORE the US, have lived there for shorter or longer periods (shorter for me, a bit longer for Wifey) and we plan on living there eventually. Part time, anyway - I don't want to give up on Europe all together.

I love and protect the anonymity that this blog gives me, but at the same
time, I want to be honest. I'm out and proud in every other way, so why not this one? Though I'll keep the specifics to myself... let's just say that I'm from Western Europe and while I am bilingual - see, still a little bi - and working on becoming trilingual, when the Spanish kicks in, I'm not from an english speaking country. I speak two languages fluently, an additional three pretty well (used to be real good, but now I basically understand them while searching for words when I need to speak) and I want Spanish to be the third language that I speak fluently. And I appreciate all and any advice/help that any of you may be able to offer in regards to that.

Phew, that felt good to get out there... and now, I need a drink!

Citizen of the World,
- GG

P.S. If you suffered through this VERY long post with a sidetrack here and there, then we are now officially friends in the making, so drop me a line if you're so inclined. ;o)


Marjane said...

Hi! Is the first time I read your blog, and while I was reading I thought... What means exactly the t-shirt phrase?

And then I discover that you speak Spanish... so... ¿Qué significa la frase de la camisa? Si traduzco literal, no lo entiendo.

´Muchas gracias!! Seguiré tu blog y así practico inglés!!

Saludos!! Bye!

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

@ Marjane

Sorry, I'm still learning Spanish, so I can't speak it yet, but I am beginning to understand it more - I'm working on it just like you're learning English. ;o)

The statement is just funny because the word "straight" means "clear" ("claro" in Spanish), but it's also slang for "heterosexual". It's a play on words and the double meaning words can have, and so it doesn't translate very well.

But if you substitute the word "straight" and insert the two meanings of this word, then the t-shirt says "Let's get one thing clear... I'm not (heterosexual)". The t-shirt is actually saying "I'm gay" but in an indirect way.

I hope this explanation helped? ;o)

- GG