Sunday, July 18, 2010

Image of Sunday - and my inspiration

This week is all about summer! My summer vacation starts this week, but Wifey still has another week of work, so I'm going to make the most of this week by doing some stuff around the house, work on learning Spanish and - this next part is actually my primary mission - I'm going to go ALL in and get a committed beginning to losing some weight and especially get in shape.

My inspiration - one of them anyway - is to get the body I want, which is pretty much like the one featured in my Image of Sunday (and this will be my wallpaper for at least a week)...:
Need I say that Wifey is also looking forward to when I can say "Mission Accomplished"? ;o)

I've joined the Jillian Michaels program (@, which I expect can help get my butt kicked into shape, and give me a good start. I've actually always thought very highly of her - love her no nonsense approach, and I believe that sometimes you do need to get beaten to the ground to realize you can make a decision to get back up and be better. And now that she's more open about her sexuality (bisexual from her comments so far), I feel good about choosing her to be my guide on this tour of HELL, which will no doubt leave me with a need to vent. That's why I plan on using this space right here, my blog, to get my thoughts and feelings out.

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