Sunday, July 11, 2010

The best kiss

I stumbled across this clip a little over a week ago, and I knew I simply had to showcase it on my blog as well - in fact, I even commented this on the post where I originally saw it here (thank you so much to Snow for sharing this clip the first time around (I've seen it a few places since, but you were the first).

Let's see who Kristen thinks is the better kisser - and could she possible look and sound more like Shane from The L Word, when she answers the question? You be the judge. Here we go:

I might as well reveal right now that my favorite part is the reaction of her publicist, which just screams volumes - and somehow helps confirm everything I've been saying in this blog on the subject for the past +year.

And speaking of the publicist, I didn't know who she was, when she first caught my eye in pictures of Kristen here, but my wonderful anonymous reader - who refered me to these pictures to begin with - has come to the rescue once again. AND she has more juicy intel this time around:

"The woman in the pictures with Kristen is her publicist, Ruth. According to Kristen fans, Ruth and Kristen have worked together for many years and that's why they are so "comfortable" with each other. Ok, fine, but then I would like them to explain this comment Kristen makes..."

And THIS is what she said in the article - it's regarding her being nominated for "Best Kiss" at the MTV Awards with both Rob and Dakota:
I would’ve been really proud if me and Dakota had won,” she said. She even had the acceptance speech planned if Dakota had been there: “I would’ve done the whole build-up that me and Rob did last year, and then just stopped and said, “‘This just doesn’t feel right. Dakota, where are you? That would have been so funny.”

Umm, yeah, that would have been VERY funny, and it would have been especially funny to see publicist Ruth tackle Dakota on her way to the stage to prevent it.

But all this talk of the kisses made me want to check out the actual kiss with Dakota - I've already seen her kisses with Rob Pattinson in the Twilight movies. Well, the only full length version of the kissing scene is of low quality, but you get the jist of it:

Now, of course I'm very biased, but I think Rob seems like a really and truly great friend to Kristen, but I don't see anything else there. Not even when they're acting, which is a bit sad - however, in Rob's defense, the heat is lacking on Kristen's part and not so much his.

Kristen and Dakota on the other hand...Well then, seems like the agressor role suits our girl a bit better, 'cause now I see some heat. Or maybe it's just because it feel more natural with Dakota. But I still see more passion when looking back at pictures of her and Nikki Reed... but maybe that's just me?!

What do you think?

- GG


Ab said...

Totally agree...I think there's no "chemistry" between Kristen and Rob. And she really "looks like" a lesbian. I mean she must be (or just I would like it?)

criss said...

have you seen what kristen said about k11?

KOL said...

Dude! Your blogs about Kristen Stewart are totally right on. I have been keeping up with them for awhile! Keep writing!! I love kristen, shes so fucking hot...

Anonymous said...

Here are some pics as well!

smiling with the girls

Anonymous said...


both of these videos conclude her "happy" moments...its hilarious!