Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boobies... and one smokin' hot scene!

That's pretty much what the movie "Bitch Slap" has to offer - and I'm not complaining. Look, this movie promises nothing more that to deliver an almost spoof-like plot of the various exploitation and B-movies, and it delivers pretty well on this. A bit slow at times, and while you never see someone topless, I actually prefer what we get instead: Cleavage... and lots of it!

Erin Cummings (Hel), Julia Voth (Trixie) and America Olivo (Camero)

However, without a doubt, the absolute best part of the movie, is the scene this picture below is from. Click on the image to view the trailer - oh, and there's no spoiler in the clip (except to show you the top reason to watch it). Enjoy! :o)

I'll be back soon, but due to an extremely busy weekend (in a good way), I thought I'd just leave you with a litlle something sweet (or rather "hot and sticky") in the meantime.

- GG

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