Sunday, September 5, 2010

I miss Jack... and Karen

I apologize for the lack of updates, but not only has work been crazy - wonderful to take some time off during the summer, but then when you get back to work it seems you pay for it ten fold - I also have a million projects I'm working on.

Unfortunately this blog is a "Want to do" and not "Need to do" (as in I get paid for it), and so it suffers... I am sorry for this, but I never do forget my blog or those sweet people that send me comments and encouragement. So this quick impromptu post is for you all.

Just now - I mean two minutes ago - a Madonna song (Express Yourself, for those wondering) stopped abruptly and right in the middle. Wifey and I are both working on various projects, and the music is playing from her computer, so she quickly blurted out "I didn't do anything!" just as I started going "NO ONE interrupts the queen of...." and then I realized I was using one of Jack's ("Will and Grace") lines so I quickly went to my dear friend YouTube and found the clip. Here you go:

Also, just for good measure, here's a little "Modern Family" - just to keep in mind that while I miss Jack and Karen (and also Will and Grace, though the two supporting characters were the REAL stars to me), there are some great new shows out there as well:

Don't be a stranger... I'll try not to be either. ;o)

- GG

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Snow said...

I miss Jack and Karen too, I totally agree with you, they were the best of the show!
Modern family is great, I think that right now there are a lot of great comedy tv shows in the usa (Modern family, 30 rock, The Office...), I love them! :)