Thursday, May 20, 2010

The good and the bad

Some good and bad news have been coming out these past few weeks. First the really bad news: Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed won't both be in the upcoming movie K-11, which would have had them playing a couple.

The film mysteriously got postponed after both actresses had mentioned it in interviews, but the more the lesbian rumors surfaced, the more the two had to be kept completely separate. First Nikki Reed wasn't part of the promotion tour for the Twilight movies [read my outing of this here]. In fact, the picture here below is from just such an event, where she showed up even though it wasn't planned - you can read about it at JustJared - and then they were inseparable... as usual:

Latest thing is that now she has dropped out (or probably been removed) from the next movie she would be making with Kristen. It all seems and sounds very umm odd... to put it mildly.

Very bad - and sad - news indeed, but the powers that be [*cough* Summit Entertainment] are obviously very persistent about keeping them completely apart.

And the good news? The other sweet couple [of BFF's] I'm keeping my eye on - Dianna Agron and Lea Michele from Glee - both made it onto the AfterEllen 2010 Hot 100 list. YAY, how wonderful and GAY!!!

Lea Michele came in at #16, which means she made her debut to the Hot 100 list on the exact same place as Kristen Stewart did the year before... I see a pattern. Let's hope Dianna Agron won't suddenly be forced out of all Glee promotion and kept away from Lea.

And speaking of Dianna Agron, she came in at a very impressive #26

#1 went to Olivia Wilde and Kristen Stewart came in at a very impressive #2 (like I mentioned before, she had her debut on the list last year at #16).

Congratulations to all the Hot 100 women that made the list - and all the gorgeous and wonderful women that didn't as well. ;o)

- GG


cKAhTcK said...

Lately it's seemed Kristen and Dakota have gotten quite close. I'm surprised to see her and Nikki like that in the above pic. That's a new pic right?

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

@cKAhTcK: Actually, it's not a very recent picture, but I'll be making a post about the latest images of them and the comments they've made in interviews about one another. Coming up in the very near future. ;o)

- GG