Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming out… with an album and a memoir!

Well, isn’t this just plain irritating… I don’t even know who this Chely Wright is, and she’s the “celebrity” coming out on Cinco de Mayo. I guess the cat’s out of the bag [pun intended], so we’re already getting the scoop now.

The one good thing is that YAY, IT’S A GIRL!!! Other than that – and pardon my French – but who the fuck are you again? Now, usually, I’m not really pissy about people coming out, and I can definitely see the good in this one as well and have heard following examples:
1) Nobody really saw it coming
2) She’s pretty hot and could be a great poster child for coming out gay later on
3) She’s one of the first country stars to do this

And this is where I start to feel pissy, because if it’s so important for you to come out, then why the hell can’t you do it without having an album and a book to promote? I guess helping out the young LGBTQ people in the true blue Country-lovin’ states wasn’t so very damn important to you, when you had nothing to gain. And again, who the fuck are you? Oh, I know, I just need to buy your album and memoirs to find out. Right?!

If you do this at the height of your career (hat tip @ Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris, who have both gotten even bigger careers after coming out) or when you have nothing to gain financially from it right now (Ricky Martin), then I will worship the ground you walk on, but this is just plain business. I mean, right now this just seems like the best way for Chely Wright to get more publicity than money can buy.

I suggest you start by giving back to your community right now. I’m sure the Human Rights Campaign or ANY other LGBT friendly cause would gladly accept your donations. Do that and I’ll believe you weren’t just in it for the money. Otherwise, why didn’t you come out sooner? I really wish you had and I didn’t feel robbed like this.

Despite everything... Congratulations on coming out, I really do wish you all the best.

Welcome to the family, you already fit right in

- Gay Girl


Keiha said...

Hm yeah, I love your posts until I saw this one about Chely Wright.
Don't bitch about her coming out and only doing so because she can sell a book and blah blah.
Read the book before you judge her and you'll know why decided to come out now.
[And although I didn't know of her fame either till she came out, if you are into country music you'd know her, she's very famous.]

*** GayGirl2000 *** said...

Hey Keiha,

I'm completely with you, and I've heard a lot of great stuff about her in these past few weeks.

I feel I need to stress that I find it wonderful, amazing and brave that she's come out. My only problem is the way in which it happened; To me it seemed like too much of a publicity stunt.

Of course, one could argue - as many have - that it's a positive thing to see someone use their "coming out" moment as a positive thing instead of something negative that they assume will hurt their career.

So, I hear you... and I agree. ;o)

- GG

P.S. For the record, I do know quite a few country fans, and they weren't impressed since they all felt she's been invisible in the country scene for years, which probably made me feel even stronger about the "publicity stunt" aspect.

Keiha said...

She was invisible to the country scene for a while because her record label had dropped her over all the rumors and hearsay about her being gay.
Her newest album she had to fund completely by herself.

Really though, you should read her book.
It will make you realize the timing and purpose for everything.