Thursday, September 11, 2008

A good job is great, a bad job is... HELL!

Okay, so I'm in a really good job now, which made me think about how I've been pretty happy with the jobs I've had. Except for one time, where I took on a job even though I had a feeling it wasn't right.

So why did I take it? Well, it's pretty simply actually:
1) Because they headhunted me, which was really flattering, and
2) They offered a damn nice paycheck, which I actually really needed.

Anyway, I learned my lesson quite fast, as I almost didn't make it home after the first day of work before breaking down in tears. In all honesty, my breakdown was due to many things, but boiled down to the fact that I'd left a steady job - which I could do with my eyes closed - and had great colleagues and quite a lot of freedom... Only thing missing was a decent salary and a promotion (both of which I had been promised for a long time).

The other "cry factor" was the fact that this new workplace had absolutely no freedom and a lot of extra hours, which I had said already at the job interview was the one thing I absolutely wasn't interested in. Because of this I felt cheated from the get go, and over all, I just wasn't happy. Plain and simple.

I only lasted a couple of months at this company before I found a new job, which I simple love - everyone could feel my misery, when I was at the other company, which became especially visible after I left the place and everyone commented on how happy I seemed again. And really, if I hadn't left my old job to take on the job I hated, then I probably wouldn't have ended up where I am now, so it was probably meant to be. Still, it was a really bad time for me.

But I do have to say that the people at that bad workplace were really nice - I was 'out and proud' from the first time they contacted me about the job and everyone accepted me completely - so I got to know some good people, and I learned a huge lesson:

Listen to your inner voice, gut feeling, intuition, WHATEVER you want to call it. It's usually right!

Happy at work,
- GayGirl

P.S. My sweet wife was ready to let me quit right away, cause she saw how unhappy I was, but I couldn't do this. First of all because we needed the money (it was after all one of the reasons I took the job), but also because I'm not a quitter. And they actually really liked me there, and offered me to come back if I changed my mind, but it just wasn't for me. Not the people or the work really, but the company and the way they did business, which was the one thing no one could change.

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~wicked~ said...

i really enjoy your blog page...thanks for putting a smile :-)

bravo to finding an even better job than the other one you liked! that's rare....