Friday, May 20, 2016

Spring time is Statement time

I love Spring because - even more so than New Years Eve - it feels like everything is starting over and coming to life again

Also, people are coming out (pun intended) a lot more, and seem more open to both life and other people. Yes, even those of us that are actually pretty introverted!

Let's Get One Thing Straight - Tank Top
An all-time favorite!

Also, I love seeing all the FABULOUS statement T-shirts out there, and yes, I do own quite a few of the ones I'm about to share with you.

Like the headline says: Spring time is Statement time... and my statements tend to revolve around LGBT puns and jokes.

There's the plain and simple:

Ahh yes, Galpals... ;-)
Just Gals Being Pals T-shirt

A little something for a gal's best friend:

And do remember to stay hydrated - maybe while matching your dog's bandana?

How about a little something for being out - or just being an ally - at work?

Ahh yes, Spring time is indeed here... and I'm all about being out and proud. 

And honestly, I love the recognition in the eyes of other queer people (or just the acceptance from anyone really).

Have a great day,
- GayGirl

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