Friday, May 6, 2016

'Person of Interest' is finally back

And I'm in love with the show all over again

It really couldn't be any other way; It's Friday and I've already stated that I love 'Person of Interest' so all I want to say is this: Watch it! ALL of it. And enjoy!

Here's a trailer for you to get started:

Not only does the show have Root and Shaw, who are played by Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi respectively, the show is also so intelligent and relevant that it should appeal to anyone on multiple levels.

Also, we already know Root and Shaw (or "Shoot") will have some steamy and loving moments this final season...

Person of Interest Root x Shaw

... so if you're not already on board, you need to get up to speed asap.

Have a great weekend,
- GayGirl

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