Monday, February 8, 2016

Person of Interest: Shoot me, please!

I know, I know, I'm a little late to the party, but I've finally surrendered to the amount of 'Person of Interest' gifs on Tumblr featuring Shaw and Root - or Shoot, if you will, though that shipper-name it not good for searching anything, anywhere!

Regardless of the less than searchable shipper-name, it has been a pleasure getting into this show, which has had the added bonus of becoming one of my all-time favorite shows. I mean, I absolutely adore the storylines and ALL the character. Even the (very few) episodes that seem like complete fillers, are still a good source of entertainment.

And while I must admit that I do LOVE Root and Shaw's interactions with the awesome flirtatious and sarcastic ways, I'm also crazy about their individual characters! I mean, I really like these characters. So much so that I enjoy their separate storylines as well, which honestly isn't the case very often.

How can you not love these two idiots?!

Anyway, because I've had the extreme privilege of binge-watching 'Person of Interest' on Netflix, it's a complete and welcomed overload. The first 4 glorious full seasons have left me completely enamored and now I'm jonessing for some more. Badly! Obviously, I'm thrilled that Shaw and Root will be back on, when the show returns for a short season 5, but the REAL hope is that Netflix will pick up the show and continue the journey that CBS have started us all on.

Who would have thought that what is essentially a mainstream - albeit very intelligent and creepily relevant - crime show, would end up having it's two main female characters falling for one another. Finally, someone who sees the chemistry and just goes there! Lord knows the two actresses certainly did and played it that way from their very first scene together...

And the fact that these two ladies are already fan favorites with cult followings from other shows doesn't hurt. We have Sarah Shahi from 'The L Word' fame (Carmen de la Pica Morales was actually one of my favorite characters on the show) as the tiny kick-ass lethal weapon Sameen Shaw and Amy Acker from Joss Whedon's 'Angel' and 'Dollhouse' (among several other shows) as the super-intelligent human computer Root - her name is Samantha Groves, but you should definitely call her Root!

We understand, Amy, but control the gay!

I guess maybe I also just love the show because Root and Shaw's relationships reminds me of how Wifey and I started out - I'm Root in this analogy, by the way. Oh no, there was no violence, but the overt and over the top flirting, when we were one supposed to be friends, is definitely the same.

So basically, I'm just saying they would be perfect for one another and should live happily ever after.

Also, if you're not watching Person of Interest yet, then you really need to start now before season 5 takes over the world - online anyway. Oh, and when you've finished bingewatching and need something to tie you over while you wait for the new season, then I highly recommend fanfiction. You won't be disappointed with Caged Animals by BlondeQ, so I suggest you start there - though of course, it's always dangerous to start out with the best, so do try to pace yourself.

Prepare to fall in love. Also, you're welcome!
- GayGirl

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Anonymous said...

i can't wait for season 5. this is the best show ever and shoot is my top otp!!