Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday I'm in Love

Springtime is here! 

Yeah, I know, the weather might not have gotten the memo - depending on where in the world you are - but with the passing of March 1st it officially became the first month of Spring. And I do love this time of year.

I mean, forget New Years, this is when the world really seems to have hit the reset button (at least in the Northern hemisphere) and everything is coming into bloom.

rose in bloom
Good Lord, that's a gorgeous gif

You could also say that everything is coming out, which makes it the most queer time of year, so I dedicate this Friday I'm in Love to Springtime... and all my LGBT+ people out there. You rock!

Ellen Page coming out gif
Ellen Page, you rock!
Also, I do love the sunshine so very much. Sun is life! So is water, and colors and variation... so you'll probably come to realize that I love all the seasons, but what I love most is sunshine. Every season is beautiful, when the sun is shining.

sunlight streaming throuhg fingers
I always welcome the sunlight

With love of Friday - and sunshine,
- GayGirl

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