Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday I'm In Love

This time I'm in love with Kristen Stewart not giving a damn any longer as she strolls the streets of Paris with Soko!

Kristen Stewart Kstew Soko
Just being happy...
Kristen Stewart Soko Paris
Like any other couple!

I've written about Kristen Stewart several times, because I hated the way her "team" (or maybe it was more like the "Twilight"-team) were handling her publicity. Constantly pushing rumors of any straight love connections. This included an affair with the director of "Snow White and The Huntsman" even though it was beautifully obvious that she had an intense chemistry with Charlize Theron - while immediately shutting down anything remotely not straight.

Kristen Stewart wants to make out with Charlize Theron
Who doesn't?
Kristen Stewart Charlize Theron
Again, who wouldn't?

Kristen Stewart herself - or KStew, if you will - never really addressed the rumors one way or the other. If anything, she refused to deny any gay rumors, and instead just stated that people would believe what they wanted to anyway.

And honestly, don't we all know that by not trying to confirm your heterosexuality, you're basically stating that you're not straight... meaning we're instead somewhere in the beautiful queer area with as many possibilities as there are colors in a rainbow (gay pun totally intended).

My wifey often says that I'm quick to label someone "gay" (which I always correct to "not straight"). And she's right, I am. However, I always comment to her that everyone else always assume people are straight until they've officially "come out". That's just the world we live in... I'm simply trying to even it all out a little.

Besides, come on... I do have a pretty good track record. Just check out my guesses for who would officially come out on Cinco de Mayo back in 2010? I was wrong on all accounts since it turned out to be Chely Wright, but most of them have since come out.

In any case, enjoy the love, freedom and bravery by following Kristen Stewart's example as she enjoys Paris her rumored new girlfriend Soko (Stephanie Sokolinski). For the record, the pair haven't confirmed any relationship, but they obviously enjoy each others company while relaxing in France.

Kristen Stewart girlfriend Soko

Yes, this Friday I'm In Love with being who you are, and loving who you love!

Much love,
- GayGirl

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