Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick and dirty review: ELENA UNDONE

I'd heard A LOT about this movie before it even hit the festival circuit. This was, of course, due to the much hyped "longest kiss in the history of cinema", which was used for publicity and quite a good PR job, really. However, when I saw part of this much hyped kiss on YouTube... well, I felt... not all that much!

For me, it rarely works to just have women jump on each other and start kissing. I mean, I don't exactly mind - I am, after all, only human AND gay. And for the purpose of an intense short film (or even a music video), it can work just fine to see an intense kiss very quickly, but personally, I need to experience the love and the passion evolve, before I witness the result of this.

And all the little things leading up to this are just as great: the brushing of hands, by accident, the longing gazes that can't be broken. You know, all that sappy romantic and passionate stuff. I suppose the two keywords here are: Love and passion! It makes it a thousand times more intense, and is the reason why Naomily was such a success - and why it is so insanely missed by me and many, MANY others - and the same goes for "Loving Annabelle" and "Imagine Me & You". I love them both and the latter is one of my absolute favorite movies!

But, as per usual, I'm getting off track. Because my point is that while the initial clip from the kissing scene didn't do much for me, then the trailer started pulling at the heart (and passion) strings, so I decided that I needed to watch this movie sooner rather than later - or actually, Wifey helped make this decision, since we both got the warm and fuzzy "I NEED MORE!" feeling from watching the trailer:

So we ordered the movie on good ol' fashioned DVD, and received it a few days later. We watched it that very same night, and... WOW! While the first clip of the kiss was "meh", and the trailer was "Oooh", then the movie was simply WOW.

The full story of the movie finally delivered all the missing pieces, and you get that evolution of the relationship, which means the looong kiss is suddenly working wonders and makes perfect sense. You understand that they don't want to stop. You recognize that feeling of not wanting to stop. In part, perhaps, it's the fear that if you stop for even a second, maybe reason will take over and it will end completely.

No matter what you think you know about this movie, you should... no, you NEED to do yourself the favor of watching this movie.

- GG

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)

So you haven't seen the film "Vier minuten" (Four Minutes)? I highly recommend it ;) And about 8 femmes..I think it's quite a curious film, isn't it? Very different from commercial films!

I haven't seen or heard about Elena Undone. But thank you for sharing the info, it sounds interesting! ;)

Hope to see you in my blog soon. I'll keep checking your new posts :D