Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jillian Michaels homophobic? I'd say so!

I spy with my queer eye... Someone not appreciating us. And I don't like it!

I love it when celebrities show the LGBT community some love and appreciation. Fortunately, most celebrities have realized that this doesn't make them gay by association - though it does often make us wish they were. It's all flattery in its purest form really. And they seem to understand this, so it's a win-win situation.

The problem I have with a lot of bi or gay (male or female) celebrities is when they seem to steer away from the LGBT press and even just commenting on relevant issues and campaigns in relation to the LGBT community. I mean, when asked point blank, you should be able to say something intelligent - or just voice your opinion, however intelligent it may (or may not) be.

Someone like Ellen DeGeneres - whom I ADORE - still hasn't done an interview of any kind with, though they have tried to encourage this many times (they've written about this in a very positive way a few times). But she certainly doesn't hold back or refuse to comment, when asked about LGBT issues. She has done a lot of good, and she's not the type of celebrity I'm talking about here.

Total power couple. Just by existing and being out and proud, they do more than any campaign could aspire to!

But lately, someone who has publicly stated that she is open to relationships with both men and women - though certainly not to a LGBT media, what an awful thought - pretty much just dissed at a TV convention: Jillian Michaels. She's someone I've personally thought pretty highly of for a long time - and endorsed through buying what she's selling. Literally. But this time, I think her homophobic actions (that's right, I said it) have gone too far.

Let's set the scene, shall we? This is what she said to Ladies Home Journal in January 2010:

“Let’s just say I believe in healthy love,” Michaels tells writer Judith Newman. “If I fall in love with a woman, that’s awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that’s awesome. As long as you fall in love … It’s like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!”

So, why is it she had this reaction, when AfterEllen wanted to interview her at a public press event in August 2011:

"I introduced myself, as I usually do, as being from Jillian put her hand up and said "Oh no, sorry" and turned to her publicist, pulling her away and adding, "I don't need that." Dissed! She doesn't need press about her sportswear line?" (read more over at AfterEllen)

WTF? Here's this person, on a show (several shows actually) helping people make the most of their lives by getting their act together and getting healthy. Often this involves dealing with their emotional problems, which is something I can relate very easily to in regards to being gay and having weight issues. Practice what you preach, would ya? What kind of role model are you for the young gay teens? You can't deny the big problems this group is facing. I mean, pretty much everyone who's anyone - and has a heart - has done something for the "It gets better"-project, but here this woman is, saying "I don't need that".

What exactly is it she doesn't need? Our money, the publicity we garner for her or just her overall career?!

I mean, just about everyone else AfterEllen approaches, as part of the press at various events, are more than happy to give interviews and just bask in our love and adoration for them. And why wouldn't they. We - the LGBT people, and lesbians in particular - are among THE most loyal fan base you could possibly wish for. Once you're "in" with us, you need to REALLY fuck up royally before we give up on you. And even then, we're a pretty forgiving bunch. I mean, just check out the AfterEllen and AfterElton hot 100 lists, and it's clear that we hang on to our favorites. Even after their shows (or even careers) have ended!

But what has irked me about Jillian Michaels for a while is the fact that she has absolutely NO problem talking about past boyfriends - here's an example from a radio show, accompanied by a few pictures

I had a boyfriend once too, and look at me now: Gay as a rainbow!

Anyway, this clearly tells me that she's fine about sharing private things. As long as these things portray a person who isn't gay. And puh-lease, I have never encountered a more gay-acting person. Usually, you're talking about gay people acting straight, but in this case, we have someone, who has said she is bi, but refuses to talk about anything but her straight action, while being butch to the core.

Maybe they share the same publicist?

Oh, and for the record, I don't blame Kristen in ANY way, for not talking about her sexuality. Either way. Let me be clear on this: I have previously talked about Stewart’s publicists and production companies fighting like HELL to make her look straight. She herself has been pretty much quiet on it, and though I believe visibility is important, I certainly prefer this method as opposed to Jillian Michaels' tricks.

Jillian Michaels at an HRC event - I haven't given up on her yet. Not completely!

I'm fine with people trying not to be political. I don't quite understand it, but if you're not a fighter by nature, then so be it. I wouldn't exactly say that Jillian Michaels isn't a fighter though, so...

Anyway, I found this quote the other day and must admit, I think it fits perfectly:

"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." - Andre Gide

Gaying it forward, one post at a time! ;o)
- GG

P.S. has touched on the subject of The Biggest Losers' trainers’ sexuality before, since it seems they're actively trying to keep them in the closet - click here for the article - but still, you make your own choices and face the impact of them. Good and bad.


Anonymous said...

I get why you're mad, but before judging someone in the entertainment business: You never know what kind of contract they're bound to. Maybe Jillian is not allowed to speak to the gay media. As stupid as it sounds, I am sure there are still contracts like that. (Thank Fatty Arbuckle for that!). Now, I'm not saying Jillian has a contract like that but she might have. But I also have to say I don't believe a word of any talk about boyfriends. If she's not 100% pure gay love I am the last unicorn :D

Anonymous said...

I think it's just a big stressor to be an out celebrity. I am bi and i can't talk about it to my own family because they make it really odd and don't want to hear about anything unless it's straight talk. She is around to show people how to work out properly, lose weight, keep it off or become toned. I like her work out videos and respect her as a trainer. If celebrities want to talk about sexuality, cool, if they don't, they should be able not to talk about it too. There are celebrities who serve as role models and there are many outlets for gay teens and adults. The internet has made these sources very accessible. What needs to be done is probably a bit more advocacy in schools, starting early on, not just a mention in hs or college.