Friday, July 3, 2009

QAF Mama and Mrs. Madrigal both go gay

OH... MY... GOD!!!

So, as always, I make sure to spend my Friday reading the latest installment of's "Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever", and then on page three there's a story on upcoming movie called "Hannah Free" starring Sharon Gless as a lesbian!

And I LOVE Sharon Gless... though the movie sounds like a pretty sad and tough lovestory, it's in a "The Notebook"-sorta way, and I ADORE "The Notebook" (makes me cry every single time).

Anyway, I'm all excited about this fantastic woman from "Cagney and Lacey" and "Queer as Folk"-fame playing a lesbian, in a lovestory type deal, when I get to page six and now it's Olympia Dukakis playing a lesbian in the upcoming movie "Cloudburst", which is a roadtrip type movie along the line of "Thelma and Louise"... Could you die?! I am SO excited by this... Mrs. Madrigal (from Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City", in you're uninitiated) will play a lesbian.

Oh, and her lover of 30 years will be the brilliant Irish actress Brenda Fricker.

I have really high hopes for both of these movies, and simply relish the idea of having movies with lesbian lovestories that don't revolve solely around 20-something girls. I'm a 20-something girl, but I want movies portraying what I'll have with my Wifey 30 years from now - as well as portraits of our lives now, of course. I'm not giving up on that. ;o)

- GG

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