Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I highly recommend...

Okay, so I was just bumming around YouTube a bit to find some music. Just something to have in the background while I work - even though I almost always return to one of my old favorites, I DO also find something new and great once in a while. ANYWAY, I actually discovered a great BBC series one time, when I was just "YouTube bumming", and I thought I'd share my found treasure with you. That's just the sweet kind of GayGirl I am. ;o)

I was looking at some "best kisses" compilation videos (oh yes, t'was the lesbian kind), when I saw a clip I didn't recognize. And that doesn't happen often, since Wifey and I buy pretty much everything remotely decent looking. This one, however, we'd missed and (Thank the Goddess!), the beautiful soul who made the compilation, also included the titles it had been made from. That made it very easy to single out the new wonder: "Mistresses".

Checked it out real quick, and people were impressed and happy with it, so I bought it immediately and never looked back. In any case, here is a compilation video made by someone else, and only containing clips from "Mistresses".

Oh, and FYI, there are more (others, longer and hotter) scenes in the series, so this is merely a teaser. Amazon has it here.

- GayGirl

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